Writing a blog on cloud computing for India. need your opinion/view

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Hi Fellow Digitians,

Thanks a lot for the comments that were provided in my last request on Ubuntu.

This time I am writing a blogpost on "Cloud Computing in India". Now, What I request you is to put a one liner or two liners. The question to you is

"If you are asked to move to Cloud, will you and what do you need"

My comment would be:

Of course, with gaming and music collection offloaded to ipod touch and very soon to PS3, I can now do everything else from online radio to document writing by connecting to cloud.

And again, no discussion please. Just post your view in one or two lines.


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Cloud Computing is simply not for India because of the slow internet speeds. Good internet is first and the foremost requirement.


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I personally hope that cloud computing never takes of, because it could mean that a user will have little control over the applications running, the hardware and other things
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