1. Randy_Marsh

    CPU lighting?

    Hello Guys, I have assembled some systems by myself before, but never worked on lighting. I have recently assembled a new system with Corsair Carbide SPEC - Alpha and wish to light it up to potentially use its see-through side panel. I was looking online for some LED strips but most of...
  2. midhu

    Computer Freezes while playing audio

    Hi All, My Computer Freezes whenever I try to play audio files, I was using Windows 7, one fine day 7 got stuck in the windows logo screen, safe mode worked well. I tried to reinstall Windows 7 got stuck again in logo screen. Then I moved to windows XP SP2, after the installation I've tried to...
  3. Baker

    writing mp4 files to DVD so that it can play in player

    Guys i want to write few mp4 files in to DVD and same should be worked on DVD player. so i done the following steps 1: Downloaded DVDflick 2: imported files in sequent order 3: burn the DVD 4: And tried to play from media player and it got worked This DVD was for my parents , so...
  4. Skyh3ck

    B. com graduate with 9 year exp in business operation, is CCNA or moving to IT a good idea ??? help

    hello friends i am first class commerece graduate in the year 2004 from mumbai university, after my graduation i joined a computer institute as a trainer for office application, interenet, windows os and MSCIT courses. i worked for 2 year as a trainer later for more money i joined citigroup as...
  5. harshilsharma63

    Moserbear Pen Drive Got Write Protected

    Hi guys. My friend's Moserbear is getting the write protected error on writing to it. I searched the Internet for solutions buy none of them worked. Diskpart, Transcend utility, nothing worked. So is there any way to remove this problem?
  6. L

    Motherboard requiring password

    I have a dell Inspiron 2310 all in one pc (it has a dell mobo). I was trying to enter the boot menu but it required a password, I tried every password that I remeber but nothing worked. Any help? I have installed ubuntu alongside windows but at the startup it does show whether to choose between...
  7. F

    [Solved] DVD drive not working on Sony Vaio

    Sony Vaio VPCEH28Fn My DVD Drive dind't work yesterday when I inserted a DVD, i tried different DVDs but No use. It shows the following message I unistalled the TSSTcorp Driver and then again installed it, but it didn't work , so I don't think its a driver issue. The reason its...
  8. aroraanant

    Weird issue in my Incredible S

    I am not able to receive any call or sms while internet is on on my mobile.And when I make an outgoing call then the internet gets disconnected automatically and then I am able to make call. Please help me out what is the reason for the same. I called HTC and they told me that I need to reset...
  9. guru_urug

    HTC Explorer no network problem :(

    Hey guys. I have a LG optimus one and am pretty experienced in flashing custom roms and modding. My friend got a HTC explorer and I followed the steps in this link---> * to root and unlock his bootloader. The process worked fine and he was...
  10. S

    No display in Gaming Rig...SOS

    Hello Friends.My Configuration was Asus M3N78EM motherboard,phenom X4 9650, XFX GTS 250, Gigabyte 450W PSU.It worked quite well for some time but afterwards i got a problem of no display while booting.The problem was random.In 10-15 tries of restarting i usually got Display in monitor.Firstly i...
  11. samudragupta

    are torrent sites opening??

    hi friends, strangely today none of the torrent sites are opening on my mtnl connection... is there anything wrong... i dont get any blocked message but the page just keeps loading!!! i tried proxy and still the same!!! the same proxies worked when torrents were legally blocked its working fine...
  12. Chaitanya

    Is CX430 enough ??

    My config is : E7500 @2.93GHz P5QPL-AM 1*2GB ZION DDR2 MSI 6770 1GD5 SEAGATE 7200.12 500GB 1*120mm fan 2*90mm fans My 10 day old CX 430 (not v2) today stopped powering my PC.. i cross checked it with another generic PSU to see everything worked well.... So i doubt that CX430 isn't enough for...
  13. amruth kiran

    Monitor blank.

    I have an acer x 173 lcd monitor. 2 days ago when i booted my pc. The screen showed ' no signal' this happene before so i removed the graphics card and connected it to the default mobo settings , it worked fine. Then i switched off, and replaced the graphics card. It worked! Now after trying...
  14. dharmil007

    N8 call connection issues

    My uncle has Nokia N8. from past 1 day it has a very strange issue. He cannot call anyOne from his cell {Nokia N8}. Whenevr he tries to call somebody, then thereis an error : "CALL DISSCONNECTED/NETWORK BUSY" He can Receive calls from other people. He even tried changing Sim Cards...
  15. Chaitanya

    Chassis fan trouble

    My problem is that my chassis fan keeps spinning @ ~2950 rpm, needless to say it makes noise like a jet engine:-x... Anyone has idea how 2 decrease it?? or do i need 2 replace it(but i dont think so because it worked fine with my old mobo & PSU)??:?::?: CONFIG: INTEX 450W PSU ASUS P5QPL-AM...
  16. Cool Comps

    Monitor displaying "No signal detected" even though computer is on

    Weird Problem Guys i know this isnt the place to post this but plz bear with me. My computer switches on but the monitor doesnt recieve any signal and it displays a message " No signal recieved " which i used to get when i switched off the comp. ok now i disconnected the monitor and...
  17. R

    Problem in CSS

    Hey Guys this is RV here .. I was doing CSS for a website...The CSS worked well in Internet Explorer whereas the same CSS file didnt worked in Opera 11.10. Please help me in finding the solution. :x
  18. J

    Not able to connect net

    hi, I installed COMODO firewall on my laptop. I tried to access wireless network at my office--it worked. Now tried to do so at home----not worked, got message---"Not able to connect net. DNS look up failed" How to connect ?
  19. 047

    Salesforce developer

    Hi all, I want to know if anyone here heard about salesforce? has anyone worked on Apex and VisualForce pages?
  20. D

    Gaming pc not booting

    Hi all,i have recently built a new pc AMD 955 be cpu, Corsair 4 GB 1600 MHZ DDR3 RAM, some WD HDD,Sapphire 6850 gpu, Asus M4A88T-MLE mobo, Gigabyte 460 watt PSU. It was working fine. Then suddenly after a shut down ( proper shut down by me ) it refused to boot. Window icon was appearing on the...
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