Weird issue in my Incredible S


I am not able to receive any call or sms while internet is on on my mobile.And when I make an outgoing call then the internet gets disconnected automatically and then I am able to make call.
Please help me out what is the reason for the same.
I called HTC and they told me that I need to reset my phone but that didn't worked.
What should I do now.
I think there is some changes need to do be done in the settings, but what are they I don't know.
Plz help guys.


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I think you should try another sim card and see if the same problem persists... It could be due to the network provider... If the same problem persists with another company sim card, then it could be an issue with the phone...


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I have similar problems in my galaxy y...whenever a call Is going to come my internet gets disconnected and after the call ends gets reconnected in a few it something like this ???
and did u try a software update ???
and sir,u should also try a custom rom like cyanogenmod


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^That happens in 2G. Everytime a call comes or a msg is sent, net will be disconnected. But in 3G both work simultaneously flawlessly.


I went to Idea office 2 days back, he just changed few settings and now there is no problem at all.
BTW thanks a lot to my digit friends for their support
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