1. A

    Mobo + Procci at 30k : Upgrade

    Hello friends, this is my 1st post on thinkdigit :) My curent config is: Intel C2D E6600@ 2.4GHz Intel DG965RY 2GB @ 800MHz Trancend Palit HD4850 512 250GB+1TB+2TB HDD CM 690 Corsair VX550 Dell SP2208WFP Monitor... I'm almost fixed on i7 2600k, want you guys to suggest motherboard...
  2. TheMost

    Difference Bet LCD/LED

    Ya ,,, I know the expansionary deference between both ,,, Technically what is the difference between them ??? Why is X better ??? Quality Wise which one is better ??
  3. dharamveerg

    Best Institute for MCA in Maharashtra

    My son appeared for MAH-MCA-CET-2011 and is placed 8th in general merit list.After analysing past data it seems he could get admission to any of the colleges.I am confused between VJTI,Mumbai and VIT,Pune. I request you wise guys to suggest which one is best or you may suggest any better...
  4. S

    Is it a wise deal?

    Hello, A friend 4m mumbai is looking to buy this second hand pc's cpu. P4 intel motherboard, 40 gb hdd, 1 gb ddr1 ram Is it a wise deal for 3.5k?
  5. K

    Wise registry cleaner -- fixes 80% of pc error messages and speeds up.

    Error messages regarding to dll,startup ,blue screen ..etc doesnt appear after the registry is cleaned . Note - Even if you dont have problems and your system is performing well scanning them with reg cleaner makes the system much stable,crash free and fast. I have studied above 6 registry...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Need Help In a C Program...Plz Help Me Out

    Define a structure called cricket that will describe the following information: 1. Player_Name 2. Team_Name 3. Batting_Avg Using cricket declare an array of 50 elements and write a program to read the information about all the 50 players and print a team wise list containing names of...
  7. Plasma_Snake

    A Gamer in Need

    Hi all! I've been off the grid and out of the gaming scene for past one month. I dunno which games released during this period and which are about to release, so can u guys gimme the wise word on this issue? I'm only interested in FPS,TPS, Racing and Action-Adventure genre. Last game I finished...
  8. ajooba215

    no one is listening...

    hey fellas...i had a se g700i...and its touch was not working...so i handed it over to the se care centre as it was in warranty period..its almost a month now and there is no sign of it coming back...as they promised me it won`t take more than 15 days....now...they r saying they can`t do...
  9. SenthilAnandh

    Wait for Nehalem

    Hi Guys I was planning to buy a rig this month (http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=93354). But with nehalem in september, will it be wise to wait till then and buy a nehalem rig. What would be the cost of a mid-end nehalem rig. Looking forward to your thoughts.
  10. P

    GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0) vs IP35-E ?

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0/1.0) vs ABit IP35-E Which of the two is better ? I mean, Performance wise ( for processor E2180 or E7200 ) Price wise (around 5.5k) Board Design ( congestion, RoHS , Solid Capacitor, Cooling) Support (warranty, service centers in n around Mumbai) OC Future...
  11. dreamcatcher

    Subho Noboborsho!!!

    wish everyone in the bengali fraternity and also all the forumers a very happy bengali new year..may you have a wonderful year devoid of downs and fizzing with ups..May all ur wishes come true and u lead a life..healthy wealthy and wise
  12. T

    Intel vs nVidia MoBo's

    Hi All, Can you explain me the technical differences b/w MoBo's with Intel Chipsets and MoBo's with nVidia chipsets. Which one will be better performance wise. Is that nVidia chipset MoBo's are alternative for Original Intel MoBo's with Onboard graphics ?:confused:
  13. shady_inc

    Hehe.!Got Vista Business for free.!!

    :p There was this Techfest at IIT-Bombay and they were giving away a package of genuine copy of Vista Business,XP professional and MS software.[Expression Web,MS Robotics,Visual Studio 08 and XNA] to groups of 5 students on basis of their College IDs.The activation keys will be sent via e-mail...
  14. Akshay

    Connection wise details

    Is there any s/w. or tool which can measure d amt of time spent & data uploaded/downloaded connection wise? E.g: I hav LAN, WLAN, Broadband conn. Now how can I measure data/time for each conn. coz most of d tools giv overall usage. They dont distinguish between each conn. I hav tried...
  15. A

    Vista Pre-RC1 woes

    Hi There, Looks wise, vista rocks. Driver wise, it sucks. application wise, it is okay. My config: AMD venice 300+ @ 2.42GHz Gigabyte mobo with 6100/430 chipset 2x512MB of DDR 400 (128MB for GPU) Seagate SATA2 160GB Installation and start up was smooth. I tried to install nvidia...
  16. int86

    Urgent K508i

    I have sony ericsson K508i. DP-u8a cable with suit 3.11. Done all known things. Please step wise guide.
  17. J

    assembled laptops ?

    hi can someone tell me is it a wise decision to opt for assembled laptops, i think it should be quite cheaper than the branded ones, can osmeone tell me is it a wise decision, are there any dealers which assemble laptops in delhi has someone done this before
  18. S

    Bios Update Questions

    I have an asrock 775dual 915GL mobo . Updating the bios , i can choose b/w fixed an DVMT for graphics . Is it a wise option to update. :?: :?: :?: What other advantages do i get ? What is the risk factor ? What will happen if the bios update fails ?? :?: :?:
  19. vandit

    new to linux

    can anyone teach me how to install new softwares in Suse linux....please tell this step wise...I am new to linux..
  20. T

    Encrypt Your Email ID

    If you post your email ID on a web site, you could be targeted for spam :shock: Its wise to Encrypt Your Email ID Therefore chk out this link: http://www.ygoodman.com/encemail.asp
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