Difference Bet LCD/LED

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Simply.. Evolution !!
Ya ,,, I know the expansionary deference between both ,,,
Technically what is the difference between them ???

Why is X better ???

Quality Wise which one is better ??


Somethings are just meant to be answered by google.

But it you insist it refers to the backlighting technology used and not the panel itself which makes the LED TV a misnomer(not elaborating on that)

LCD by default is taken to have CFL backlighting; the LED, which is actually LCD with LED backlighting, has LED lights replacing the CFLs. Since LEDs are brighter and other advantages(i cant remember) they give better picture quality (contrast etc.)

So there you have it LED(LCD) > LCD(CFL)

I think you already knew the former part.

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Locking this thread. More of a "Google it" query which has been answered properly by Sarath.

Note: The correct term is LED-backlit LCD. Not simply "LED" - you can blame the manafucaturers for this.
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