1. S

    help in installing oracle9i

    i tried installing oracle9i on my home pc but had some problems in understanding all the steps.so can anobody help me with a step wise procedure to install oracle9i
  2. shreyadr

    which browser is better ?

    hello friends, uptill now i have been using IE. now i want to go for another bowser. i don't have much knowledge about MOzilla or Firefox. but which one is better ? capacity wise ? perfromance wise ? where to get these ? what facilities they provide. and if i choose any of them does i have to...
  3. K

    Head phoen with Mic

    I would like to buy a good Headphone with Mic. Can you send me a quality wise and price wise list.
  4. ferrarif50

    How to make Winamp output to CPU system speaker

    Hey Guys, Can some wise guy tell me how to make Winamp output to the good ol' CPU system speaker. I heard there is a way to do it. Lets see who is that wise guy! So long
  5. NikhilVerma

    Some questions tat are bugging me...

    Hi... I am having some questions I can't find an answer to so please help me... * How do you insert a new line character in a samsung mobile phone (x430) ??? I really need to know!!! * In Photoshop CS while liquifying a picture there is an option for rotate clockwise but where is the...
  6. M

    need a GUIDE for mIRC

    well previously I knew nothing about these kind of hidden treasures in the net but I read an article on the :lol::lol::lol::lol: about these . then my interest fall on mIRC . I have installed it .but next what to do.how to find the 'TREASURES ' I dont know . someone plz help. I am sure it will...
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