assembled laptops ?

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Right off the assembly line

can someone tell me is it a wise decision to opt for assembled laptops, i think it should be quite cheaper than the branded ones, can osmeone tell me is it a wise decision, are there any dealers which assemble laptops in delhi

has someone done this before


IMHO, you should not go for assembled laptops. Compatibility and warranties could be an issue here.


In the zone
Its not going to be cheaper if you are going for a assembled laptops. Assemebled laptops should be only be taken when you have some extra need, like some extra ram or hdd..other wise the normal branded ones can be taken


aka. ViKiD?
branded laps r gud to a certain extent but ....i dont think deres any delear in India doing the needful.....


it is all about ur tendency to take risks and ur knowledge of object and a little factor of luck...

for a person lik me, i would try an assembled laptop...

i wont get a company warranty with it... but the heck, who has ever cared about that, we have component warranty

now one can be cheated, but if u really know what's going on, that not an option, the only place he can cheat you is get a cheap case, laptop casings come in with LCD sceens ready, so u can actually get one and assemble yourself, there is nothing to it...
(whenever i decide on purchasing a lappy, i will assemble myself.)

you get a chance to open it, and coustomize it as per your needs, overclock it or whatever... and that's where is like self made things..
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