GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0) vs IP35-E ?

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Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0/1.0) vs ABit IP35-E
Which of the two is better ?
I mean,

  • Performance wise ( for processor E2180 or E7200 )
  • Price wise (around 5.5k)
  • Board Design ( congestion, RoHS , Solid Capacitor, Cooling)
  • Support (warranty, service centers in n around Mumbai)
  • OC
  • Future proofing ( i hear Gigabyte supports DDR3)
  • Brand wise
ABit IP35-E (Rs 4525) []
what about Gigabyte


Broken In

IP35 E on our website is for 5350/- not 4525/-

2ndly go for IP35E eyes closed coz its tried and tested that its good

Also the after sales service for Ip35E is Gr8 as compared to Gigabyte

PM me if u wanna buy it from us
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