Vista Pre-RC1 woes

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Sup' dude, Sup'
Hi There,

Looks wise, vista rocks. Driver wise, it sucks. application wise, it is okay.

My config:

AMD venice 300+ @ 2.42GHz
Gigabyte mobo with 6100/430 chipset
2x512MB of DDR 400 (128MB for GPU)
Seagate SATA2 160GB

Installation and start up was smooth. I tried to install nvidia audio drivers for vista. During installation, I got blank screen with a cursor blinking and it remained like that. NO activity. After reboot, vista is not booting. All I see is blank screen after windows bootup screen. Can login to safe mode but normal boot up is not going through. any suggestions?


None of the current NVIDIA drivers for Windows Vista work with Vista pre-rc1, cos they are made for beta 2, & vista has changed quite a lot from beta 2 to RC1

Drivers won't work, ofcourse they won't, drivers are never made final for Beta version of an OS, cos the code is rapidly changing. Better use the inbuilt drivers given in windows vista for everything, such as sound or video or anything, not the official Nvidia ones

Ones RC1 releses in a few days, these drivers will be updated, cos with RC1 the code is near final
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