1. sumit05

    i3 5th gen vs i3 6th gen

    Guys please suggest between these two laptop.Which one to pick. Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm(15.6)- Ubuntu) (Black) - Buy Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm(15.6)- Ubuntu) (Black) Online at Low Price...
  2. Arnab

    NEED HELP- Which Card To buy- GTX 1080/1070- ASUS MSI EVGA ZOTACT

    Hello everybody , Its Been a While I was thinking of upgrading my GPU . My current GPU being R9290, since last 3 years. I am looking for a shift to Nvidia this time just for a change of taste. So I was searching different versions of 1080 and 1070 but there are few confusion which need to get...
  3. A

    Monitor for Programming

    Hi, I need a monitor mainly for long hours programming. My main concern is least eye fatigue and easy to read display. Size wise I think 22-24inch would be good. Would it be wise to use a TV as monitor? Budget is around 10K but can stretch a little in case I find a worthy option...
  4. A

    Buying a Wi-fi router (with modem) for Home use

    Hi Guys, I am using Airtel broadband and using the same Wifi router that comes when we buy the connection. It seems to give problems these days. So thinking of buying a new one (with modem). Did some R&D by reading reviews on flipkart and amazon but i am bit confused. Been some time since i...
  5. M

    Old Sony Xperia T @discount rate - Wise decision?!

    Is it wise decision to buy Xperia - T at discount rate-Rs.11,500/- comparing with new Xperia L phone. Spec wise T ahead to L except GPU and CPU. Asking since T is old -2012 phone. Can I get android updates after buying?
  6. R

    Should i buy Nokia Lumia 1320?

    Hi, Anybody has experience with Nokia Lumia 1320 .. is it good performance wise and VFM? Thanks
  7. R

    htc one x plus

    I am getting htc one x plus for 20000 is it wise to buy this mobile now.
  8. vikrraal

    Is buying a second hand smartphone from a local dealer is ok ??

    Hi everyone..:-) I'm planning to buy a "HTC One" black from a local dealer which is one month used in 33k with original bill. There is always a risk in buying 2nd hand so what are the things i should check before buying ? The battery is non removal of htc one. so is there any heating or other...
  9. K

    Xperia J or L....

    Hi frnds,m bit confused in deciding wch 1 to go... either Xperia J or Xperia L(cost wise J is less,L is more) plz suggest me wch is better....
  10. S

    Is it wise to get a broadband connection if you're planning to shift/relocate in like 6 months?

    I live in a rented accommodation (Delhi) and am playing with the idea of getting a proper broadband connection. Most of my time is spent at the office... like 9AM to 8PM. When I get back home drained and exhausted, sometimes I feel like just watching some videos or maybe stream some music from...
  11. a-raam

    CPU+GPU from newegg

    i was browsing through newegg today and the pentium g2120 + radeon 7850 combination really impressed me. i thought of buying them from newegg as i believe it will save me a little cash. is it a wise decision? links to the components cpu gpu 1 gpu 2 and does anyone have an estimate about...
  12. kapilove77

    Need SSD!

    My uncle is coming next month from UK n i am asking him to get a 120/128 GB ssd. Plz suggest me which ssd to get performance wise mostly n also reliability as i don't get Indian warranty for it! :-)
  13. A

    How is Samsung NP-N100S-E01IN netbook????

    How is Samsung NP-N100S-E01IN Netbook performance and battery backup ?????? Is there any other Netbook better than NP-N100S-E01IN netbook performance wise in the same price Range.
  14. A

    hp dv6 7000 vs dell inspiron 15r special edition

    hp dv6 7010tx ......price (rs.69,000) tech specs i7 3610qm, 640GB HDD, 6GB ram(1600mhz),15.6" diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366 x 768),NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated, windows 7 home premium(64bit) Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition... price(rs.61,000) tech specs i7...
  15. K

    comparison btwn processors...

    friends help me to choose whether i7 -2670 will outperform i5-3210 based on performance wise.. and please reply that whether quad core i7-2670 will have any significant advantages over dual core i5 -3210 in long run and in performance wise...
  16. D

    Naptol - reliable?

    Has anyone tried to purchase a TV or anything from Naptol? What is the experience? Also, do you think it wise to purchase a TV online? I am in two minds really, and need your opinion.
  17. G

    Buying samsung phone.

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy SAMSUNG Mobile phone, but I am confused between SAMSUNG GALAXY Y and SAMSUNG WAVE 5380.Actually, I am comfortable with both the operating systems like Android and Bada, and I need good phone specs wise and performance wise, in these two phones the specs are...
  18. S

    Check before uninstallation using Custom Action - Wise installation Studio 7.0

    Hi friends, I just started using Wise installation Studio 7.0. I need some assistance from you for applying conditions during uninstallation. I have to check for a process whether it is in running condition (which will be listed in Task manager) before proceeding with the uninstall procedure...
  19. M

    is It wise to buy computer parts in Bangalore ?? pls help

    I m from mysore 140km away from Bangalore. Is it wise to purchase all hardware parts from Bangalore . . Do I get it cheaper Der, or shall I buy it Mysore only. . And can I claim warranty here also if I buy in Bangalore?
  20. desai_amogh

    AMD Phenom II X4 840 VS Athlon II X4 645 which one is better ??

    AMD Phenom II X4 840 – 5300; Athlon II X4 645 3.1GHz @ Rs.4,700/-. which one is better, performance wise.. this is not for Gaming.
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