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  • Hey dreamcatcher give Rohitt some suggestion abt hazel vs C905...is C905 still worth considering..its old now..what abt bugs and firmware updates..help yaar
    yea, lets see. I have a Nokia 5800 since over a year now.

    Or I might buy next year after giving my entrances.
    I'm fine too. :)

    I had read somewhere that the new firmware for C905 is out. Have you upgraded?

    I had gone partially inactive for a couple of months. Dad had taken the computer away. How're you? :D

    Did you get the C905???...:D
    Aur bhai kesa hai??...Abh sabh kuch normal hai. Internet working fine. :D
    Bhai kya batayu......Gaandu BSNL.....:mad: Bahut hi slow hai au pings bhi hud se zyaada high hain.

    Toh isliye kum hi post kar raha hun aaj kal......:oops:
    hey level8 anwer pls....im tryin that for past two day...atleast tell me lenght of the answer or no of word pls..
    Bhai kya batayu?..Humaare sector ka transformer uda huya hai 2 din pehle se..No bijli..Online from Opera Mini. :(
    Kryptyk kar hi nahi paya. :(
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