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  1. P

    ipod ruined!

    hey guyz, one of my friend's ipod was dropped in bucket of water, it has been about 2 dayz since the incident and now the ipod opens but it acts really weird, sometimes the battery dies really quickly and sometimes song doesn't start and harddisk makes weird sounds. Does restoring the ipod fix...
  2. S

    Samsung aiming for Water-Powered Cellphones by 2010

  3. K

    Dilemma "QX 9650 QX9770 or Q9450"

    Guys I want to know --- (1) Why does the QX 9650 and QX9770 cost a bomb:D? (2) I am building a new High End PC, and I can't decide which one to buy. Tell me your opinions. (3) I want simply the best. But are these two extreme processors worth the hefty price tag? (4) How well does the Q9450...
  4. S

    Hard Drive Withstands Fire And Water Submersion

  5. L

    Homeopathy - Interesting claims!

    I came across a couple of videos on Homeopathy. I don't believe in it and this explanation might help some to get convinced as to why!! and to some who believed an eye-opener!! :) I by default open thread in Fight club :D http://youtube.com/watch?v=BWE1tH93G9U&feature=related Here, you can see...
  6. E

    Got problem with Car windshiled need help

    I got some stains on my windshield , experts says it caused by borewell water washing , i have been cleaning my car with bore well water ever since i bought it . Driving at Rainy nights is impossible to me , can this stains be removed ?from the glass , would thinner work ? ? monsoons are...
  7. topgear

    A Beginner's Guide For WaterCooling Your PC

    Introduction The term "liquid cooled" sounds automotive oriented, doesn't it? Indeed, liquid cooling has been an integral part of the common gasoline engine for the better part of 100 years. Which begs to ask, why is it the preferred method of cooling expensive automobile engines? What's so...
  8. iatb.gourav

    How To Save Wet Cell Phones ?

    Found this on a blog. Can be useful at times. How to save a wet cell-phone? After having a few terrible monsoons in India, (and floods and tsunamis and all sorts of crazy things…) the question “How to save your wet cell phone?” is close to everyone’s heart! Wet cell-phone! Here we have given...
  9. harryneopotter

    Phone drowned in water ...

    Hi friends ... my 8 months old Nokia 5200 was dropped in water recently and got damaged ... i think i should get a new one and sell the current one after repairing ...... so plz suggest a good Phone within 7k .... the best in this range .... personally i like Nokia 6233 .... but if there is any...
  10. dr_jimit

    How to save a wet cell phone

    Ever dropped your cell phone in the sink, or even worse, the toilet? Did you ever leave it in your pocket and run it through the washer? It usually means you have to replace your phone, but sometimes if you're fast, you can save the phone! Steps: Get it out of the water as soon as...
  11. C

    Physics Numericals

    Help me with this sum.. got no clue what to do.. Q) A piece of iron of mass 200g and temperature 300 degree C is dropped into 1.00 kg of water of temperature 20 degree C. What will b e the eventual temperature of the water? ( Take c for iron as 470 J/kg and for water as 4200 J/kg ).
  12. Vishal Gupta

    What was the Secret Behind Man Walking on Water???

    Guys India TV was showing a clip in which an American man was walking on water in a swimming pool. There was another clip in which a magician walked in a tub filled with water. An Indian magician was sitting in India TV studio and he was saying that its completely real, no camera trick, no...
  13. din

    Please suggest a good water purifier

    Please suggest a water purifier which works great, reliable and not very costly - for home use. Checked some, Philips, Aquaguard etc, but confused a lil. Any suggestions / comments / recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Also please mention the price range if you already use any...
  14. V

    Uranium Bottle

    This evening i was contacted by a friend that he got a bottle that is grren in colour and a very heavy one. Special thing about this bottle is that it can attract rice and that if filled with water (upto the halfway) the water can rise. He requested me to help him sell his bottle. As far as he...
  15. P

    Help For Digital Camera ( Full List Included ) ??

    Hello friends, Need help to choose a Digital camera. Budget - Max of 13000/14000 (With 1/2 GB MemoryCards + Charger + Pouch) Requirement - Min 6 to 8 Megapixel Optical zoom - 3 to 6 X Good Battery backup Good service support & after sales in India. Can Record Video also, with TV out...
  16. devil_me

    Water proof lcds tested with Fireman's Water Hose

    waterproof LCD HDTVs manufactured by aquivo company are tested using fireman's hose. http://livedeviant.com/consumer-electronics/aquivo-lcd-face-firemans-hose-2.html
  17. A

    A WATER Bridge on Water

  18. solomon_paulraj

    SURVIVE - without Cellphone!

    A normal human being can survive without water for 3 days.... without food for 3 weeks.... how long can you survive without using your mobile... (Please do not argue about the water and food issues.. as they are irrelevant)
  19. H

    Help needed for my IPOD urgently

    I hav an IPOD shuffle 1GB (secon gen) Accidentally it was washed in washing machine I immediately took it and rubbed it with a cloth and blew it hard so that i can remove water in it and let i sit for 2 hours and then i swithched it ON.it was not working and it doen't show any lights...
  20. Manshahia

    Mobile fell into water...

    mah frnds mobile nokia 6030 fell into water today... wat sud we do now?
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