SURVIVE - without Cellphone!

For how long can you part with your mobile?

  • Not even a single day

    Votes: 17 27.9%
  • 2-4 days

    Votes: 12 19.7%
  • More than a week

    Votes: 13 21.3%
  • Don't care; GOT NO MOBILE!!!!

    Votes: 19 31.1%

  • Total voters
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A normal human being can survive
without water for 3 days....
without food for 3 weeks....

how long can you survive without using your mobile...

(Please do not argue about the water and food issues.. as they are irrelevant)


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not even a single hour without my gprs enabled K700i. i even use it durin the classes to check this forum and other. i m ADDICTED TO GPRS AND DIGIT FORUM. EVEN MY FRIENDS CALL ME "GPRS" :mrgreen:
and if i had a very good speed internet connection then i would had forgotten the WORLD. dont think that i waste my time in GPRS or internet. i use it with soul purpose of KNOWLEDGE


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dont care, coz iv been w/o a cell fone for more than a month since nokia has a policy of loosing cell fones sent for repair :D


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4 days. Thats the max I have Bangalore without my charger :D. Just that I had other phones to communicate with,


I see right through you.
Don't have a phone, although I plan to correct that shortly. Still, I think I could live without it.
1 day i think ....coz for me the sole purpose of buying cell was (is) to remain in contact with my girl .....i cant resist calling her 2-3 times daily (and atleast 3-4 msgs if she dsnt reply). ye baat alag hai ki wo mere ghar ke saamne hi rehti hai (hardly 50 mtrs disance) :D :D :D
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I dont care about mobile. I see it only as a emergency device.... The only thing which I cannot survive without is this forum :)


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fun2sh said:
Yea tell me about it.Though I got tag named "Call Centre" since I would be on the phone almost 24/7.Uh well almost 24/7.I would have atleast 2-3 call waiting coming up at a certain point of time.

And the joke is I later on joined a call centre itself & that too a mobile related one.;)

SO in a nutshell I wouldn't live without it for a second.Though these days I usually keep it switched off for almost 12hrs at job.;)


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IF forced to, us of course we can survive with out cell phone.
If given a choice,------- :D
You may as well include Cell phone now amongst the 6th essential senses.

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I can't leave without mobile even for a hour.
I am also a forum addict,but sadly Digit forum doesn't open in my nokia 3230-opera 8.65.:(
Rest it is all on wiki,google.:D


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You know those reality TV shows like big brother ... they should call some of the guys from here.. or start a new series "How to survive for 30 days - Without a Phone" :p


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I can't survive without my mobile even an hour,bcoz I have so many girlfriend's mostly of them have not internet connection,therefore i can't live without talking with her,when she all of them gets the net,then i don't care of my mobile .
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