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This evening i was contacted by a friend that he got a bottle that is grren in colour and a very heavy one. Special thing about this bottle is that it can attract rice and that if filled with water (upto the halfway) the water can rise. He requested me to help him sell his bottle. As far as he know these bottle contain uranium and that there are lots of people looing for these types of bottle. Anyone heard of such thing? kindlt let me know.,


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Its bout 10 times costly than Gold. How come he get one?
And u sure ur friend is not a member of some terrorist group?:D (no offense)

If its Uranium 235 then it wud be radiated and will become empty soon.:D
If its da stable Uranium 239[I guess, but dun remember correctly], then no offense in carrying the bottle in ur pocket.:p

Be very afraid..if u[or ur friend] are raided by the police, will be in big dodo.


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aravind_n20 said:
If its da stable Uranium 239[I guess, but dun remember correctly]........

It's Uranium 238 and not 239.100% sure about this.Have my physics paper tomorrow!!:p

@ valtea: How can you be sure that the bottle contained uranium??Uranium can attract rice??:shock: :shock:.Yeah right!..and Britney Spears is suddenly the most lovable singer on this planet!!:D


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i dont know details about this but thats what i heard. Just posting it here coz i dont know where i can get more details. it maybe something like this . *cgi.ebay.com/19th-ANTIQUE-URANIUM-...164438300QQihZ009QQcategoryZ895QQcmdZViewItem

so moral of the story is to stay away from the bottle (which i have not seen yet) and ask my friend to move away from this issue or i have to move away from him

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From where did he get the bottle..
I guess its highly unlikely thats its uranium as its next to impossible to think who put uranium in a bottle :lol: and also the properties dont match with uranium!
Looks like some alien dropped it by mistake from his spaceship :D


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gaurav_indian said:
Yeh kabaadiwalon ka forum nahi hai.Bottlein buy karne bechna hamara kaam thodi hai.:mad:


Oh man.... Searching all posts by you now.... I am in need of a good laugh... :lol:
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