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What are the extensions in firefox borwser everyone talking about?

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I really want to know wat are those extensions everyone talking about...And wat are they used for?..can someone give some examples to undestand about it?


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These things are add-ons to FF, they are optional components that can be installed so that it enhances the browser's capablities.

For eg. Adblock Plus. As soon as I hear the term Firefox Add-on, it's this that comes to my mind first. Very useful, but some people(very few) may consider it unethical.


^^yup Adblock Plus is a must have!! so is flash block ;)

and yeah use Piclens {i think they've changed the name now... not sure what the new name is } if you want some eye candy ;)


Thanks a lot..I got it..!..Am using some of them but dont know tat were the extensions and this many available


spice it up
btw n6300..
this is 2 inform u & others dat one of the latest version of Adblock Plus..(dont remmber the exact version no.) was buggy ... it was giving me problem logging into Gmail in Standard mode... so i hv disabled this extension...
waiting for Adblock Plus developers debug this usefull piece of Add-on/Extension.
firebug, web developer toolbar, add n edit cookies, switch proxy, cool iris(piclens previously), server stats...........try them
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