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Right off the assembly line
guys plz help me in choosing a laptop

here are the specifications

1.i have a budget of 55 thousand
2.thinking of buying a new MAC when it releases on OCT 14th it a wise decision to go for mac
4.wat are the disadvantages of MAC
5.and wat are the other options i have
6.and finally is it the correct choice considering i use it for my internet and office purpose,,movies,music, no games, no graphics.
7.and finally wat is the best option for me???


Call me Sumit
If u r using only for internet n movies why do u need a MAC :eek:
Just go for Dell Inspiron 1525....truly awesome and will save ya much more bucks ..available for 42k only ..............


Broken In
macbook at 55k is great deal :D one thing u can be sure that there wont be any virus problems like windows OS while surfing net.
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