Wat kind of virus/trojan is dis?

    Pllz help me know wat kind of virus my pc is infected wit..... these r d symptoms... 1. taskmanager, regedit, msconfig is disabled... 2. when i open mozilla-firefox browser,,it crashes and i get a message.... " I dont hate mozilla, but use IE, or else " 3. when i open orkut....." Orkut is...
  2. romeo_8693

    core 2 duo procs

    guys i wanted to know if i overclock c2d T5200(1600mhz) to 2ghz wat will be the difference between it and c2d T7200?
  3. hahahari

    Racing GAmes:::Does anything rival NFS?

    Guys I have Played only NFS serie [minus prostreet]....I need someother racing game........btw I have tried Trackmania and flastout one apart from that..so wat are the better ones except them..........This is not just a recomendation so I post it as a new thread
  4. V

    how to convert VOB file formate to 3GP file.

    how to convert VOB file to 3GB file in 3GP converter ,i tried but it showing error msg......wat to do pls help me ..................................
  5. S

    Wich linux for me

    hello , i've been using a computer for the past 8 yrs . .i've used only windows . Which linux should i get for starting on it ? i dont mind buying it. plz tell the various ones available and wat all i can do with it. and if possible some online guide to learn how to use it. thanks
  6. prem4u

    Enable Hibernate option..in Vista

    Due to removing hibernate files in disk cleanup. A hibernate option in shutdown menu in vista is not coming. wat to do enable it back. waiting for reply..
  7. M

    not able to start new thread

    i mean this is also a thread bt with less text.... im nt able to create a thread with a large post... the page keeps loading and thn it not responding wat can be the problem??
  8. Ganeshkumar

    My Post count stopped :(

    Hi :):) Now my post count doesnt change....:( :( y wat happened!?? wat shld i do? any1 have similar experience? Waiting for replies.... Oops!! Just now found out ... Post count not gets changed, wen posted in chit chat section!! sorry :(
  9. Baker

    which is the best camera phone

    hi guys.. which one is the best camera mobile... i thing in 3.2 mp category k810i is better than any other phone.. wat u guys thngng
  10. Ganeshkumar

    Help Buying External TV Tuner card

    Hi :):) Budget: 1K-1.6K REQUIRMENTS:Should record Nice quality videos & also tell me wat r specifications i shld c in buying it! Thankss... :):)
  11. S

    NeEd A GooD CraCk

    elo i have a problem with my newly installed nba live 08 game:cool: . i downloaded it from the internet. well the problem is that after every 15 minutes or 20 minutes the game screeen comes to a halt!:cry: it says that the thing has stopped workin(duh!) .:rolleyes: well can yu specify wat the...
  12. ArZuNeOs

    40GbHDD on P MMX

    Guys Will i be able to add 40 gb HDD to my mmx pc.... I dont mind it being detected as 40 gb...even if it detects 20 gb its fine with me..... ================= Please dont get bashing as to wat i want from such ol pc Old is gold....and i luv my first pc.....
  13. Angad singh

    Problem with portable HD

    Guys i have got a portable HD (120gb- seagtte) it worked really gud and now like 4 months later... There is sum problem with it as i connect my HD to my lappy the drive shows up and goes away and the pc almost hangs... i can click on anything but it dosent open up as soon as i remove my HD...
  14. speedyguy

    webcry and nssfrch...trojan i guess in vista

    i have this wierd problem that thrs a toolbar wit popup removalm spyware scan etc wich r unknown....its named as nssfrch....tss suckin my ie startup time plus most of my sites r gettin re-directed to url webcry.com whr thrs unsuccesful search of wat m lukin at....ne idea guys hw 2 get rid of...

    The Magic Trick You'll Never Figure Out

    its fake or trick wat is ur comments guys Link
  16. K

    Visarjan Aftereffects

    My old trusted cell 6610i has its display gone kaput after Tuesday's visarjan..:( Actually had d cell in pocket bu during visarjan it rained n i forgot tat i had cell in my pocket(but was in plastic).:oops:.so after returning home,I realised d blunder...:( Now it has no display(slight ray of...
  17. fun2sh

    wat is AHCI

    hi i need some clarifications abt AHCI. i hav acer 4710 laptop with vista installed. dealer gave it to me with XP installed but i removed XP n installed vista. now i noticed that CHOTO told that this model has SATA HDD but in vista it shows as IDE ATA. now i checked that in BIOS, Sata mode...
  18. R

    audio driver-intel d945gcnl

    i bought a intel d945gcnl motherboard.i installed the sound drivers but they do not work.can ne1 tell me wat i shud do
  19. S

    is my laptop battery gonna oldie????

    i have bought a HCL laptop just 16 months before & now my problem is that my laptop LI-ON battery is not working at all. it's just giving me up only 13 mintes backup after even being recharged 100% but, just a few days before it was giving me a gud tiume period of 1hr & 45 min & i really don't...
  20. dreamcatcher

    proxy help

    dudes...m in a soup now..help me out please well u see i m currently in college and the server here has blocked orkut and all proxy servers...so wat do i do?? the computers hav red a preinstalled..is there ne way i can hack the syatem??
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