1. ajaybc

    Help on vmware

    I read in May ChIP magazine about a software called vmware.Not much details was provided.Only a picture of running windows 98 on a XP machine. So i google for it and found the following link: *www.vmware.com/products/fusion/features.html But they are saying abt using it to run...
  2. gauravsuneja

    has anybody tried compiz on vmware

    has anybody tried running ubuntu as guest os in windows and got compiz effects on it?
  3. M

    Do I need to install Antivirus software in VMware?

    Hi Running vmware as a curiosity ( host os xpsp2 and guest os win2k ) and read few articles about it over google.Some articles claimed virtualisation itself a security and others mentioned need of antivirus.should i install AV for win2k?
  4. gauravsuneja

    how to install vmware tools in ubuntu as guest os in windows

    how to install vmware tools in ubuntu as guest os in windows. i think i installed it already but i doono how to enable it so that it starts when the guest os boots in the vmware workstation window *howtoforge.com/vmware_tools_on_linux plz tell any further information u have ubuntu...
  5. Gigacore

    How to move files from system to VMware and vice versa ?

    I've installed ubuntu using VMware in my XP. Now I want to move files from my XP's local drives to the virtual machine (ubuntu). How ?
  6. C

    VMWare Workstation ACE 6.0 help on Networking

    Anyone help please, I have installed VMWare Workstation in my PC:(WinXP SP2,HDD:80GB,RAM:1GB). My purpose is that I want to use internet in my Virtual PC. So how to configure my host PC and my Virtual PC? My VMware Workstation version:6.0 my host PC info: IP:
  7. The Conqueror

    VMware on Linux..

    Pls. tell me how to install VMWare Workstation version 6 on Red Hat Enterprise 5 Laptop? I have downloaded Linux version from vmware website.How to install it?:confused:
  8. Sukhdeep Singh

    VMWare Import/Export

    Hi I need a little help. I have few Virtual Machines in VMware 5. Now i want to format Windows and reinstall the OS. Can anyone help me on how to Import these Virtual Machines stored on D: when i reinstall XP and VMWARE ? No one????????????
  9. infra_red_dude

    Run Existing Windows Installation on Ubuntu with Vmware Player

    Source if anyone has tried it then do post ur experiences.
  10. vish786

    VMware or Virtualbox or Qemu or Microsoft Virtual PC... which supports beryl

    among this four virtualisation softwares VMware / Virtual Box / Qemu / Microsoft Virtual PC 1. ) which one supports beryl ? 2. ) which software works faster ?
  11. K

    vmware server ???????????

    i have instaled vmware server .....and i have guest computer with windows xp and i can load the guest computer but i cant get the internet connection.....i have the bridigeing internet connection?????????????????????????????
  12. K

    vmware workstation

    using vmware workstation we can multiple download using 2 operating system then how to configure it???????????
  13. ilugd


    I didn't ask for Open Suse 10.2 to upgrade by I did install some smp drivers or something from the repositories. Now what has happened is that I have another option in Grub boot menu which is the default. I tried installing vmware but it asks for src files for Linux which I installed in...
  14. iMav

    vista n xp

    guys can vmware or or any other software run xp and vista both ... i mean like vmware givs us linux on windows or vice versa something that givs xp on vista or vice versa????????
  15. S

    Blank desktop after a reboot

    I'm facing many issues recently. VMWare isn't starting up, the LAN properties dialog box takes ages to show up, and now there appear no desktop icons after I reboot. Let me go into detail. The Vmware issue I installed vmware worsktation 5.5.2-29772. After a happy reboot I clicked on the...
  16. max_demon

    VMware networking

    I recently installed VMware and i installed XP in it and i want to establish a remote desktop in the guest machine (just for curiocity:D ) i m unable to connect , can anybody help me ?
  17. A

    softwares that does not work in vista

    1) karpersky . resulted in core dump. 2) opera 9 crashed first but worked fine next time 3) vmware not compatible but working good. 4) itunes is shaky. slow and hangs some times.
  18. subratabera

    Run Existing Windows Installation on Ubuntu with Vmware Player

    Running existing Windows installation on Ubuntu is piece of cake. What you need is Vmware player and 10 minutes of spare time. The easiest way to install Vmware player on Ubuntu is with Automatix. Automatix is great application that install software you can't live without with cuple of...
  19. ~Phenom~

    Internet In VMware

    Hi guys, I have vmware workstation in windows and have installed installed XP SP2 as virtual machine in it. I installed virtual XP SP2 in XP SP2 because VMware in linux is not free and I wanted to use virtual windows in linux. But Vmware player is free in linux. Now , I have successfully...
  20. techtronic

    VMware gets Vista support

    VMware recently released a new beta version of its virtualization software Workstation 6.0. According to the release notes, the current build 36983 includes support for Windows Vista and multi-monitor systems Source: *www.tgdaily.com/2006/12/27/wmware_ws_60/
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