1. V

    ubuntu vmware wi-fi problem

    hey, i am using Ubuntu 11.04 in Vmware in my Vaio E-series, in Ubuntu Terminal it is not showing the Wireless when i enter the command " sudo lshw -C network ", it only shows the Ethernet. so help me to sort out this problem. Thank You :smile:
  2. avinandan012

    Is bios update necessary ??

    I have a ASUS M3A78-EM + Athlon 5200+ 2GB DDR2 Trancend RAM + I want to upgrade to any Phenom II x4 CPU (preferably 955 or please suggest ) purpose : VMWare + Gaming with my 9600GT Please suggest if i do need to upgrade my bios ? PS. any type of suggestion is welcome
  3. sushan

    Guest OS is diabled by the CPU error in Vmware Player

    Dear all, I am facing the guest os disabled error in my laptop with windows 7 ulimate sp1 with 2gb ram and 500gb of HD;Inet dual 2core.I have installed latest version of Vmware player over previous version of the same.But whenever I have installed Linux (Backtrack 4 final),I am getting the...
  4. A

    Problem installing VMware workstation on Ubuntu 11.04

    I downloaded and installed successfully vmware workstation 7 on my computer. but now when I run it it ask for kernal headers of linux kernal 2.6.38-10-generic , some C files it is looking for to compile its modules. I have searched the internet for the location of the files but I have not been...
  5. puneetgarg

    Help in VMware Workstation !!

    Delete this No body answered my problem so u can delete this :grin:
  6. stevebadshah

    vmware workstation need help

    hello digitians i want to install windows server 2008 and windows xp in vmware virtual machine i have 1gb ram size and my partition is 45GB. can anyone help me to install both the OS and help me with complete guide so that i can practice networking.i want 2008 as my server and windows xp...
  7. celldweller1591

    VMware Workstation 7.1 Released

    Source(Full story, download links and update links for Vmware 7.0 users)
  8. K

    Suggest MB + Procy + RAM to run VMWARE

    Hi to everyone and to desibond, its that time again, to buy a new system. Well a part of it. can you please suggest me a good Procy, MB and ram. The purpose : Running VMWARE Workstation, Server, and other VMWare Solutions. Both testing and learning. On it I will install Windows server 2003...
  9. NewsBytes

    VMWare aims to make your smartphone dual boot

    A few months back during rumours about an Android based Nokia phone I made a hopeful speculation that one day we would have mobile phones running multiple operating systems, and while I casually mentioned the year 2015, it seems the might be sooner then even that!   VMWare MVP or the Mobile...
  10. shekhar.sudipto

    Mac os upgradation problem running on vmware player

    Hello, I have Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb ram laptop(Dell). On the system I have VMWare Player 2.0.6 installed .Through it I am running Mac os 10.5.2. I tried to upgrade Mac to the 10.5.5. The upgradation was successfull but after the process the VMWare instructs to restart the system. I restarted...
  11. H

    VMware WorkStation ACE Edition version 6.0.0

    I have installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on VMware. I am getting the following problem when i try to start the Virtual machine "Cannot open the disk 'C:\Users\HOshang varshNEY\Desktop\rhel4\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: Insufficient...
  12. topgear

    Run More than One OS on Your Phone

    Source : *www.tomsguide.com/us/VMWare-MVP-Mobile,news-3533.html Take a look @ the demo : *www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNo6pn-dnSQ
  13. P

    Multiple OS @ Same Time

    Dear Friends, Has any one tried installing Mac Leopard on Windows Vista or Windows XP especially through vmWare or any other such applicaion?/ Please share your experience and difficulty faced. Thanks and Regards, Prathamesh R. Tawde
  14. raksrules

    VMWARE Questions

    I have installed VMWARE on my laptop to run windows XP Professional over the default windows vista. I have a few questions regarding the same. Actually this machine is to be used by my dad for tally and i don't want him to get confused with this vmware thing. 1. If my vmware OS is running and...
  15. S

    Vmware help in OpenSUSE 11

    Hi Nucleuskore, I would like use xen , vmware in opensuse 11, I need your advice in this regards. suresh
  16. A

    For People who know SAP

    guys, I want to know afew things, if anyone can tell me. I have to do installation of SAP, but I do not have enough space on my system, and I want to test SAP installation. I know I can create a VMWare workstation on my external drive. So, can I load SAP on the VMWare based Windows 2003...
  17. E

    Compress Vmware Image

    I have a Windows XP disk image. The image size if 50+GB and the actual disk usage in the image is 18GB only. Is there a easier way to compress the image. I tried to shrink the image using vmware tools, but it always complains of insufficient space in host OS (I have 10GB free). I tried using...
  18. M

    RHEL 5 as Guest and Vista SP1 as Host through Vmware

    Hello guys, I want to install RHEL 5 on my laptop which runs on Vista SP1. So I opted to use Vmware workstation 6 with Vista as host and RHEL 5 as guest OS. I have already installed Vmware workstation 6 in my laptop.But couldn't understand how to install the guest OS. Can anyone guide me...
  19. praka123

    VMware exec says Windows days are numbered

    Continue here for full article: *blogs.computerworld.com/vmware_exec_says_windows_days_are_numbered
  20. lalit_ngp

    leopard on vista using virtual box!!!!

    can anyone has info for running leopard virtualy on windows based os using virtual pc or virtual box or vmware.......... i tred all but not working with leopard.....
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