1. M

    like digit

    1.how can make a auto run cd like digit,which can acess its see & contents 2.pls tell me either esx server OR gsx server is required(minimum requirment) for vmware work station 5.5.1 3. give full tutorial for vmware work station
  2. sourav

    Networkng with VMware Workstation

    Please help me in starting a network between VMware Worksation to my PC. On my PC WIN XP PRO SP2 is loaded and same in that. This is a standalone PC. It connects to net directly. I want to enable VMware Worksation to connect to internet with these. Thanx Thanx a lot if you can give me step...
  3. Kniwor

    colinux, anyone tried yet....

    Just came across this wonderful application colinux.... it's a freeware and runs linux in windows.... i have not yet tried it but here is a screenshot from one of my friends pc u can notice GIMP and linux terminal in windows.... how many of u usig this already.... seems a nice app to...
  4. nishant_nms


    I had just got VMWare Workstation 5.5 the latest version. I want to know that is it safe to install it on my main PC or should I try this one on another PC. And also help me how to use it.
  5. mediator

    VmWare problem ......!!

    I cant connect the guest OS to internet any suggestion?? I tried NAT,HOST only ip etc but no luck!! Also how can i share a folder on guest and host ip? I tried the share folder option in VMWARE settings but no luck... Any help would be appreciated!
  6. S


    As many members requested and digit supplied the vmware.it is virtualistaion software we can install os without partioning the disk.so i m gonna try vmware. is vmware an option to try linux>?what you think.i know it is expensive but it gives flexibility of not partioning the disk. tell me what...
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