1. samudragupta

    my anti virus is about to expire

    hi friends as the topic explains, my anti virus norton internet security 2011 which came preloaded with my laptop is about to expire in 4 days. should i upgrade to norton internet security 2012 or kaspersky internet security 2012? i had used kaspersky on my old compaq and was great anti virus...
  2. jatt

    Laptop shuts down after heat up

    Dear friends, I have Compaq Presario laptop. Here is problem that it heats up very soon after turn on and sometimes gets off without any command. Here is no case of virus like activity I think it’s the case of hardware but please help me here and tell me what I need to do exactly with this...
  3. N

    How to keep confidential data safe

    Hi everyone. I have a very simple query & hope tech gurus might solve it. I have lots of userid & passwords which i am unable to remember, so i note them down in word file & keep it on my PC. Recently my PC got some virus & i got scared that if somebody got access to this file then he will...
  4. Desmond

    Zombie virus brainwashes caterpillars and liquifies their bodies.

    Source Its actually older news. But, imagine what would happen if the virus somehow mutates and becomes capable of attacking humans.
  5. K

    asking for crack of pc game

    I just want to ask you that can you provide me the crack of prison break the conspiracy for pc. I had downloaded many .torrent files but after downloading the files it opens up with the trozan virus file named as dvm.dll
  6. Charley

    What is this file ?

    Is this a virus ?
  7. soyab0007

    Getting problem in opening .Exe files

    I scanned my computer with microsoft security essentials and found 3 virus which includes svchost.exe After removing virus when i open any .exe files or installed application I get the below error.. I tried to system restore @ earlier state but nothing happened, files are opening when I...
  8. utkarsh73

    !!!!!!Some terrible virus is sucking my pc!!!!!!!!!

    My pc has been severely attacked by a virus which increases the CPU usage by 30%. It attaches to a process and increases the CPU usage by 25-30%.(Please see the attached files) And displays the message window "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into the drive...
  9. IronCruz

    Threat from Virus!!!

    Hey guys i was browsing FB on Internet. Suddenly, FB got slower, chat menus didn't appear for sometime, FB was not refreshing, while opening Keep-tube, got the CAPTCHA saying that Access Restricted!! Is this because of VIRUS? :( I'm using AVAST 6 on Windows 7!!
  10. KDroid

    Facebook hit by massive spam attack; more than 60 lakh accounts hacked. edit: spammed

  11. D

    Malware Infection. Help

    I believe i have a malware infection on my computer. can you help me? i have a virus/worm file in my usb pen drive like G:/pisted/offline.exe. Along with this autorun.exe is created in the root directory of the usb drive everytime i plug in my pendrive. I am able to remove it from safe mode or...
  12. A

    getting redirected on firefox.

    Many times when i click on a link i get redirected to sites like and IS it a virus . i have norton 2011 and it doesnt show any problem how do i solve it?
  13. curioustechy

    Virus affected hardware?

    In my system.. there were a lot of viruses. since i couldnt clear them through an antivirus...i formated c drive alone and installed a fresh copy of win xp... within a few minutes i found the virus again... so i formated the complete hard disk and installed xp again... within a few minutes the...
  14. T

    Symantec Virus (Norton)

    Hi Friends, Today I was using my computer with Norton Endpoint Protection Installed and suddenly some thing different happened see the screen shots: Symantec Endpoint Protection is detecting its own files as VIRUS Even Microsoft Security Essentials detects it as a VIRUS
  15. ajayritik

    PC extremely slow and hangs up quite often

    Currently my PC has become extremely slow and hangs up quite often. I have a decent Antivirus so not sure whether the problem is with some virus infection. Is there something I can do to check if there is some virus, trojan etc. Operating System: Windows XP SP2 Antivirus:Bit Secure...
  16. Blue Ripazah

    [SOLVED] virus ..........need help

    my pc is infected by a virus it displays a file named "winfile.exe" its owner name is "gy" and my kaspersky antivirus is detecting as "comment.htt" now what is the method of removing it need help :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
  17. Cool Comps

    Net Protector - Is this is a good Anti Virus ?

    Well actually i bought the anti virus from md comp so i will probably install it. There shouldnt be anything fishy. idk. i got a cd so den der shouldnt be problems rite. 8-)
  18. Gaurav265

    micro sd chip not formatting

    i have a 2gb micro sd chip and there is some files on it and lots of virus and trojans.when i formatting the chip it not format.then i scan the chip and virus is detected and removed but not formatting.when i try to format the chip by command prompt it shows it was format but when i removw chip...
  19. R

    How to remove this virus.?

    Whenever i copy files from my friend system using my pendrive, i find a folder named "gaxee" inside which a file named "pobronas.exe" resides. I think its a virus, if not please correct me so. I tried removing it by scanning with norton antivirus 2011 but it is unable to detect. My friend uses...
  20. mohityadavx

    Remove autorun.inf manually

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