1. B

    Little help with Hidrag.a/W32/Jeefo-A.

    So i have this virus on my pc (W32/Jeefo-A.), and it infected all .exe files i ever lauched. I found removal tool ( because my current ativir (AVG 8) cant heal files just remove/vault. I lauched it, found virus and its asking me do i want to remove. I really dont want to, beacause it...
  2. ashu888ashu888

    NOD32 update issues

    GUys, 1.) hv any one of u facing problems while updating ur virus defs in NOD32 Smart Security on WIn XP Pro OSes ?? i cannot update my virus def from the past 12 hrs.. and 2.) are there any issues related to nod32 and Win XP PRo SP3 ??? --------------------------------- Cheers n...
  3. A

    The Best Anti-Virus and Securiy Protection !

    Dear Guys, I have just bought a New Laptop and the first time in my life a computer so am completely newbie on what security systems have to be installed on my laptop, interms of the best Ant-Virus and Firewall (Do I need a Firewall in the first place,this is a personal Laptop meant for...
  4. B

    What was the reason your PC crashed last time?

    Friends, nowadays it is not new if any PC crashes, with or without a reason. But would you like to share your reason of crashing PC. Was it a virus, hardware failure, or software failure? Lets discuss in detail.
  5. iinfi

    is a virus??

    avast detects a virus called !! wat does it do?? where do i get more info abt the same? it doesnt remove it either!!
  6. R

    shutting problem

    my computer takes too long time to shutdown and even sometimes it doesn't shut down. can anybody suggest me any solution?is it because of virus or something else?
  7. hskpunjabi

    which is better anti virus for n73 ME

    hi everyone, i need a good anti virus software for it required or not??:!::!: which would be better f-secure,kaspersky(i like its pc version)....any other plz suugest.. i don't have gprs enabled till now...can i be able to update anti virus from pc.....??
  8. D

    Which Virus is this...? Windows keeps on closing

    Hi, My cousin's computer is definitely have some virus on his computer. The Avast AntiVirus 4.7 is not able to update itself and not able to find any Virus. Plz tell me the probable Virus frm the following indicators. 1. Explorer Windows keeps on Closing by itself. 2. Firfox Closes down...
  9. I

    Virus!!! Urgent help required

    There is a virus which says not to use Mozilla and use IE instead. I have read a few solutions but none of them is working as the SAM virus says "Why do you want to open the Task Manager, everything is running fine".. What should I do??
  10. R

    Problem with virusgaurd.vbs

    Hi, when i start my system an error message shown saying access denied to C:/windows/system32/virusgaurd.vbs and my AVG anti virus says that its an worm. what can i do about it. please help.
  11. A

    Trojan Infection

    When i open Task Manager, i found a process called regsvr.exe the CPU usage rises upto 50%. Is this virus or trojan.. how can i removed it.. please help
  12. stellar

    Anti Virus

    I want to know which Anti virus is better Kaspersky Internet Security 9 OR AVG Internet Security 8? Will my PC be slow if I install both the softwares. Coz I've found out it will be? My configuration is 1 GB DDR2 RAM 667 mhz, 3.00 GHZ Intel processor on ECS MB.Shall I add another 1 GB RAM...
  13. C

    Kick @ss Virus

    Hi Guys, well my friend bought a cd with pics..well poped it in n started to see the pic... after everything .... i had thsi prob.. "there is no disk in drive please insert a disk into drive"... I think its a virus... an someone help me regarding... as i got impt. data over the drives...
  14. Gigacore

    Member spreading virus!

    I got a offline msg from a digit forum member in my yahoo and soon I replied to it. The guy replied as well, but was invisible.. I'll keep the guy's name forbidden.. Soon after I warned him that I would make him to get banned in digit, he changed his track :rolleyes:
  15. raksrules

    Virus in my machine: Please help !!!

    I think my machine has got infected. Till yesterday everything was fine. I was able to connect my Nokia 6630 to my PC for internet access. But today it is not getting detected even after several attempts. I have avast antivirus installed on my machine which automatically starts up every time i...
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