1. Subhankar Mondal

    Anti Virus taking up all space on C Drive

    Today I am in big trouble. My LOCAL[C] drive is full with VIRUS. My pc specification- Hard disc=1 TB Local c drive= 40 GB Processor=core i 3. ram= 4gb OS=Windows 7 [but not original.] My antivirus= QUICK-HEAL TOTAL SECURITY 2013 [ORIGINAL]. Now the main problem is =In Local [C] drive/...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    So much $$$ on Anti virus yet we are still infected!!

    I have KIS 2013 and Malwarebytes . Both original maal 100% . Spent more than Rs3000 since November last year, on these protection software, yet i am regularly infected by irritating trojans and worms and malaria what not shits . There was i time when i used to rely on free software like AVG...
  3. Subhankar Mondal

    Can a mobile be affected by virus ?

    Is there any specific anti virus for Android mobiles? I use xperia.
  4. ariftwister

    Some doubts regarding hdd

    Guys I have lot of doubts that I always wanted to ask but don't know whom to ask. So here experts at TDF please answer my question. I'm asking all these questions on WHAT-IF basis.. Assume I have a (one and only) 1 TB hdd connected to the computer, 1) Now what is the main use of partitioning...
  5. aal-ok

    problem problem

    I had win xp 32x installed in my system running fine but one day BSoD appeared and kept occurring after windows loading screen so i reinstalled my windows but a new problem occurred I Dont know how but My pc got affected by win32 salty virus i tried installing quick heal 2011 antivirus it...
  6. netizen3000

    Disappearing files

    I use a transcend 16GB pendrive recently it got infected by virus so i removed them with anti virus.The problem is that now i can find only find the short cuts to the files that were present in the drive.I solved that problem by going to folder options and checked the show hidden files and...
  7. A

    Licensing problem about Titanium anti virus on digit dvd.

    dear friends, digit provided titanium anti virus suite on jan. 2013 issue stating that it is free.digit also provided this anti virus previousely as 90 days validity but it is only 30 days trial asks serial key on start can i get the serial key.please help:-?
  8. ShankJ

    Vercuser B

    Recently encountered the Vercuser B virus.. All the .exe files became corrupt and vlc/Km player/ tune-up utilities started showing "dll corrupt" error on trying to execute.. The virus wouldn't allow Norton Power Eraser to run or any other online virus removal software to run on the laptop...
  9. amruth kiran

    Survival after bsod...

    HEY GUYS!!! i just lived through a BSOD and have no idea how i managed to come across it in the first place..i have a few doubts about this: 1> can a VIRUS cause a BSOD? ( cause i got my HDD scanned at my dad 's office and it showed 2500+ viruses .. possible???) 2> can un-updated system...
  10. M

    Virus Attack! (invasion continues :P)

    Since I am not able to access my earlier thread for for odd reason : * , after contacting admin and waiting for more than 12-13 hours (i think), I thought I should create a new thread instead. Retrieving data from cached copy...
  11. V

    Is pximouse.exe a Virus !!

    I found this exe running in my taskmanger is this exe a virus or windows exe details: C:\Windows\System32\TiltWheelMouse pximouse.exe
  12. X

    how did this happened

    i had a dvd from my friend which was actually pirated but it had strange thing in it following links are images of it , the dvd capacity was 4gb and files where of 86gb i checked for virus but didnt found one help me, and id its not a virus its great technique to stop piracy as none of those...
  13. R

    Is svchost.exe a Virus !!

    I Just Read The December Issue of FastTrack , In a Chapter it was Mentioned that Windows Exeuction file called "svchost.exe" .. I Just Checked My PC if it was there by Opening Task Manager and then Processes Tab .. There Were Many svchost.exe running ... I Tried Closing it by clicking End...
  14. V

    Virus in External Hard Disk - files now hidden

    Hi, A trojan entered my external hard disk and made all the folders as .exe. So i ran AVG and it moved all the virus files to the vault. But the problem is, i can't see any of my files in it. My Computer shows that there's 731 GB free of the 930 GB but i can't access any of my files. I tried...
  15. B

    Free web root anti virus and jasper sky antivirus 6 months

    Free web root and kaspersky anti virus 6 months validity Details here Free Webroot Secure Anywhere and Kaspersky Pure 2.0 Total Security for 6 months
  16. rahul_c

    Issues after virus epidemic

    My laptop recently suffered from a virus, avast removed it but these problems still exist - 1. Unable to pin programs to task bar - There is no option to pin a program, neither while running nor in the shortcut. I am aware this is due to some missing registry thingy, help. 2. This one is is...
  17. sanny16

    Is this change in the folder view option due to virus?

    I didnt know where to post as there no section related to software or OS issue so i posted here. I am using windows xp sp3 32 bit. I found these new option in foreign language could this be due to virus infection? Is there any fix available? Here is the pic: view option error | Flickr -...
  18. M

    virus creating .exe files in external hdd

    I have a problem that in my external hdd a virus is creating " *.exe " files with original file name.exe for example if my original file name is 1. " seagate.ico" then virus creates a file named " seagate.ico.exe" which is a executable file of size 1.74MB 2. " lec01.mp4"...
  19. M

    "system" using so much bandwidth ? or is it a virus

    what is that "system" downloading ?? please help. is it some virus ? thanks in advance.
  20. P

    problem of virus

    Hello frnds, can anyone help me out of this! "I am facing a problem with my system. Whenever I turn on my system, the win 7 welcome screen appears and then the background of the set theme appears(like perfectly blue, red, green, black etc.) but the entire set of icons along with taskbar and...
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