1. W

    MDcomputers *seems* to be infected by a Card Skimmer script

    Credit: @SaiyanGoku It seems that mdcomputers site has been compromised so don't make any purchase for now from there & change any passoword you used on their site which you also use on other sites because most probably your email & password details along with name/address details are also...
  2. P

    download manager problem

    i use eagleget or FDM for downloading files from internet but recently both have started to download html files instead of the real files . What is the problem and what should i do to solve it????
  3. K

    Any to way to prevent from virus

    Hi Guys, I have a external hardisk. I am afraid of virus and data theft. Are there any ways to prevent them?
  4. ax3

    Avast install !!!

    hi, will be installing fresh win 7 OS ... as am on low bandwith, can i just copy Avast folder (virus def) from old OS & will it work ??? coz new installation is nearly 200 mb ... thanx
  5. Anorion

    Sitting or Breathing too much? Use polio to treat cancer

    Use polio to treat cancer? - CBS News
  6. A

    need help regarding virus

    dear friends, i am facing strange prob when surfing net. when i click any where in a web page,my browser automaticlly strat a new window whose address is is it a safe site or a phishing attack.other prob is there are numerous small windows pops up in my browser...
  7. Harsh Pranami

    Need help removing shortcut virus

    Hi friends. My computer just got this weird virus from my roommate's lappy. Whenever I plug in any usb drive, all the contents of that usb drive gets hidden and shortcuts are created. Although I can access all the files by using the option 'Show hidden items', but I thinks it's good if that...
  8. mikael_schiffer

    Trojan+Worm converted all my files to a weird file. HELP !

    My pendrive has more than 1 Gb worth of data. Data including videos, files, focs, mp3s and a backup of Windows Office setup Last week i took a file from Uni's Psycho dept.I was warned that there are virus aplenty. Well, which govt office computer doesn't have virus ,right? so i went ahead...
  9. Ashok Verma

    Suggest... Best Anti-virus for home user

    Dear friends, Pls suggest a good anti virus for home use under Rs 500 budget...
  10. Arjun609

    Best Anti-Virus !!

    Suggest the best anti Virus
  11. Arjun609

    All folders appear as shortcut in USB!!!!!Help!!

    All my files and folders apper as shortcuts in my usb drive!!Is it a virus or usb fault
  12. U

    weird CPU Activity

    Whenever I start any small appication even after reboot cpu activity is very active up down...i have done reinstall, no virus memory upgrade etc but no help Any ideas??
  13. mikael_schiffer

    Anti-virus for college office without internet connection

    Our department in the university is forever plagued with virus, so much that even we students are afraid to take notes,data,files etc from the department computers. They often do a cleanup but some one from outside will come and infect the entire computer systems again. So the main M.R guy...
  14. W

    Scientists find 30000 years old virus in Siberia

    Scientists find 30000 years old virus in Siberia
  15. E

    Virus problem?

    I recently scanned my entire hdd with norton internet security (updated). It detected a virus and 6 tracking cookies. I removed them. Since then i am having a very strange and annoying problem. When i start my pc, a message that dllloader.dll is missing always pops up. i tried disabling startup...
  16. ankush28

    Windows desktop error

    "c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop is missing" I've copied the c:\users\ankush\desktop to above folder and it got fixed! Anyone can tell me why this happened? Virus? Still I am getting tons of error :/ While opening libraries, downloads :/ :( Help me please
  17. patkim

    Is host machine safe in case of virus on virtual machine

    As goes this title, in case there's virus on a virtual machine is there any possibility of the host also getting affected? The shared folder is disabled or set to read only mode for the vm. Many times I prefer to try freewares, adwares etc first in vm before doing anything on host os. Thx.
  18. sanny16

    mouse cursor flickering

    Whenever i plug in a pen drive into my pc, the cursor(arrow-icon) starts flickering as if something is going on even though the pen drive is not in use. Is this a problem or a caused by virus? And my explorer keeps restarting like 3 times a day. why is it happening? Sometimes pen drive would not...
  19. TheLetterD

    Erratic CPU usage on Idle, AMD Trinity, Normal?

    Hello As the title suggests Ive been facing erratic CPU usage when my PC is at Idle. I use the CPU Meter Windows 7 Gadget to test it. I have tried; 1. Closing Rocket Dock which is always active otherwise 2. Disabling my AntiVirus (Avast Free edition, Up to date) 3. Running a scan 4. Ending the...
  20. A

    is this a virus indication or something else !!!

    did any one knows what kind of problem is this this a indication of virus or something like OS problem any one can say how to remove this square mark........ :-?
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