installing bt5 r2


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download ISO->create virtual machine->select the ISO in the cd/dvd for that virtual machine->start the virtual machine->wait for live CD to boot-> enter username "root" and password "toor"->enter the command "startx" to start GUI->click on install link on the desktop->follow steps->BT5 installed.


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i have downloaded bt5r2 kde 32 for i wanted to install on it...but after extracting there no iso file ....but a over 2 gb .squashfs file....plz tell me how to install this in vmware

my config
P4 2.60 GHz 32 bit
1.5 gb ram

(sorry for this stupid question but i am just a beginner)


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For VMWare...?? Then it must be VMWare VHDD File. Just try to attach that file as HDD in VMWare.

BTW From where you downloaded BT5 R2 KDE 32Bit VMWare..?? Because @ Downloads VMWare doesn't exists for KDE 32 Bit for BT5 R2.


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i downloaded vmware 7 ......
and in download there is KDE 32 bit...just select architecture 32 and manager KDE

i have installed and its working fine
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