Cannot run ubuntu linux using Vmware player!


Today I downloaded the newest version of Vmware player and attempted to install ubuntu linux 11.10 (32 bit) as a virtual OS via the option named "create a new virtual machine".The installation commenced in easy mode by default and I allocated 6GB of space for ubuntu on one of the partitions of my HDD-then the installation went on for about 25 minutes.After it was over and vmware rebooted,i didn't receive any login prompt to access ubuntu-instead vmware displayed a black screen with a static cursor at the upper left hand corner of the window.I kept waiting for a while but nothing happened,so i powered off the virtual OS and tried to run it again but it was of no use.Can someone tell me why this keeps happening?Why doesn't ubuntu display any login prompt after installation?

(p.s.- i am using the 64 bit version of win 7 ultimate)
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