Headphones/headsets (1-2.5k)


Headphones/headsets (3-3.5k)

i changed my budget its now 3-3.5 k.
im looking at razer electra.
any one using those???
how about virtual surround,gamecom 777,
how much do they cost??
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Plantronics headset is more comfortable than HD-202 , HD-202 is well known for everything other than comfort .
Unless you are ready to buy Plantronics gamecom-777 , i think you should stick to HD-202/HD-203 , i dont know what the differences is between 202 and 203 , but the trend is most people are opting for HD-203 ,moving from a basic headphone to a HD202 you will find a world of a difference that you will forget its uncomfortable :). The headset aint heavy but clamping force is little tight and the cusps dont fit the ears properly most of time.


i know,but there is no closed ear headset similar to gamecom 777 rit?
why do some website say 5.1 surround,n some say 7.1 surround,
are they 2 diffrent models??

any similar headset to gamecom 777???
any other brand perhaps??
any one using this headset??in some reviews they say that it could break easily....
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