Does a virtual RAM through pen drive is better than page file ?


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I have a 512 Mb RAM only........ tat's too sad to hear.

Well the problem is my pagefile exceeds over 1gb sometimes while using some stuff... and makes my system a handicap for a while which is very annoying.

So the question is is there is any way by which i can decrease this LOAD by using a virtual RAM through my 16GB memory stick by using any software either paid one one or freeware...

and does it really "ADDS" RAM or is it better than page file. I know it won't work as a real RAM but would it work better than page file virtual memory.

So please try to tell me that is there any other way or not.

I do not want to buy a RAM so no suggestions of buying a new ram but on the other hand i can buy a software if it is worthy.


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What version of windows do you use? Windows 7 supports ReadyBoost, which allows you to boost performance by caching some data to your USB drive. No such thing in XP though.


Definitely not Windows 7, it requires min 1 GB RAM.
for installation, window 7 only needs 256MB ram, while vista demands a minimum of 512 MB of ram.

you can create page file in your memory card. But it will degrade its performance with more write ops thus you will end up with a dead/poor card.

so use pen drive/memory card as readyboost/ebooster and page file on HDD (edited :)) ) (and more ram)
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Or perhaps get a new RAM since page swaps incur additional overhead during context switching.
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