1. ramakanta

    Linux Mint-Cinnamon vs Mate

    I am confusing about Linux mint version , what the different between Linux mint Cinnamon and Mate version . please with details ???? what should be used . and which one better , mate or Cinnamon ???
  2. M

    finding firmware version of rooted samsung S2 GT 19100

    how to find the firmware version of a rooted samsung s2 GT 19100? actually,I want to unroot the phone.
  3. U

    Configuration Advice needed for Evaluation OS/Database/Software

    Hi I want to upgrade my existing computer (AMD-AM2/4GB 64bit OS) with a new one. Basically this new computer will be used to learn/evaluate new Databases/IDEs/Softwares as current one crawls on its knees. Number of Partitions: 2 (Windows and *nix) Number of Active OS running at same...
  4. aloodum

    The Flagship Killer - Oneplus

    Apologies in advance if a duplicate thread exists: Of late the phone market has been abuzz with talks of a giant killer- a powerful device at economical price, with enough grunt to floor the flagship models of current day. Finally the specs and pricing been revealed : A phone theoretically...
  5. V

    is it a bug? irql not less or equal natio.sys windows 8.1

    hi all, i have been facing this since i installed windows 8.1. Prior to that everything was smooth this crashes the windows everytime i start downloading a movie in torrents (utorrent_latest) for a period inbetween (say a month) everything was smooth.Without any specific care taken. but now...
  6. S

    Any War thunder players here?

    Hi Guys, Well I m new here, I would love to know if there are any "War Thunder" gamers here. As you might know that WAR Thunder is a free multiplayer dogfighting game involving WW2 fighter planes. Recently gaijin (creator of WT) has launcher Tanks version too..though that is paid. I am sure...
  7. G

    Why this samsung note 3 is cheap?

    Hello, to all of you. In my city, there is a person, who has a very big stock of Note 3 that is N9005-32 GB LTE, its snapdragon version, and its box packed and even he is providing the one year seller warranty with the price is just Rs.36000, and I contacted him, he told me that the note 3 is...
  8. kartikoli

    Will Origin ban an account for installing pirated version game on a PC

    I want to play my BF3 (original) on a friends PC but he has pirated version of BF4 installed so i am worried if i login to my account then what will happen. Will Origin detect a pirated BF4 and ban my account? Please suggest as i dont want to get banned and lose around 7 games in my library
  9. animes_d

    Nexus 7 vs Asus Fonepad 7

    I liked the review of Nexus 7 but I can't afford the new 3G 2013 version, so I'm considering Asus Fonepad 7 with 3G and 5mp camera. Will it worth my money or should i stick to nexus with wifi version only.
  10. tamatarpakoda

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Is anybody else playing? The game seems to have a few bugs in the PC version :|
  11. Desmond

    Microsoft Said To Be Considering A Free Version Of Windows 8.1

    Source : Microsoft Said To Be Considering A Free Version Of Windows 8.1 | TechCrunch
  12. G

    Upgrade my old pc

    Hi these are my pc specs i want to know the maximum upgradation i can do to this pc. I know this pc is outdated but still its enough for my father( he says so)!!! I want to know the maximum upgrade i can do to my, 1) Cpu 2) Gpu 3) Psu 4 Hard drive 5) Other Add ons 6) Anything else if i've...
  13. anky

    Buying FIFA for the first time

    Hello friends.. I have been playing fifa pirated version only, but now i have started earning and i am planning to buy FIFA 14.This will be the first original game i will be purchasing.So pls tell me what are the differences between pirated and original version, and from where should i buy it...
  14. R

    Query regarding new graphics driver

    My Catalyst Control Center version is 2011.0930.2209.37895..i'm quite sure that it's very old..But whenever i try to update it thru the CCC it always displays that a latest version is not available.. So can i directly download and install the lastest driver 13.11 beta? Kindly help me out..
  15. TheHumanBot

    GPU Not Available in Afer Effetcs CS6?

    hi guys, i just noticed that after effects is not using the GPU for rendring which is why my rendering were really slow. so far i have tried adding graphic card name in pre-ray-render-file (forgot the real name) but similar one in support folder. Fast Draft: Available Texture Memory...
  16. kool

    Need suggestion for Tablet (Budget: Rs.12,000). How is Nexus 7 for Rs.8999 on Flipkart ?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a Tab for home use for my family. My sis read competitive exams site, my dad read news update on PC. And i read tech blogs, social networking, android rooting & hacking etc ;) I'm confused between Nexus7+16GB+wifi and Nexus7+32GB+3G+wifi on flipkart its Rs.9k and Rs.13k...
  17. Tejo

    Best mobile at this time..need advice

    With the recent launch of Note3, Xperia Z1, LG G2 etc.. I am rather perplexed at which one I should choose... Z1 is very good in looks and specs, but the reviews say its not at all worthy for the price..G2 for instance - I m not sure of it and its brand... I was very much interested at Note 3...
  18. mikael_schiffer

    Need In-Ear Earphones with Mic, Between Rs500-Rs1000 for Xperia M

    Xperia budget phones come with cr@ppy earphones. Can anyone recommend me a good in ear earphone with mic for handsfree talking. I will be buying from online stores like Flipkart,Infibeam,eBay etc etc ONLY Budget Rs 500-999 CAn i trust this-Sennheiser-CX500 for Rs400/-...
  19. D

    Nokia Borwser problem With Nokia Asha 200

    when i updated the Nokia Browser on my phone Nokia Asha200, after successfull updatation, itis showing Conflicting application error and i can not access Nokia Browser. I have tried soft and hard reset both, but the problem remains. The software version in my phoneis V 11.81 Please help!
  20. D

    Which Anti-virus/ anti-spyware are best?

    As have build a new PC now need to get Anti-virus/ anti-spyware and all whatever is necessary as am not aware of these. Please suggest me a free version as of now as i will upgrade to a paid version after 6 months. For now have installed AVG free for the time being.
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