1. dharmil007

    Batman Arkham Asylum installation error

    When i m trying to install Batman : Arkham Asylum it gives the following error : The version of this file is not compatible with version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and then...
  2. J

    Spyware Terminator 3

    spyware terminator 3 has been released interface is improved but its a crippled version of its premium version:razz: now they don't provide AV in free version :cry:
  3. sushan

    Guest OS is diabled by the CPU error in Vmware Player

    Dear all, I am facing the guest os disabled error in my laptop with windows 7 ulimate sp1 with 2gb ram and 500gb of HD;Inet dual 2core.I have installed latest version of Vmware player over previous version of the same.But whenever I have installed Linux (Backtrack 4 final),I am getting the...
  4. Vyom

    Android May Have a Hindi Version Soon!

    Android May Have a Hindi Version Soon!
  5. M

    XPS 17x from INDIA or ALIENWARE M17X from the states???

    ok...i'm looking for a powerful laptop for about india i can get only alienware M11x for that price...another option is the XPS 17x....... Now,ALienware M17x is for about 74k if i get it from the states....what should i do??will it affect the warranty in any way??what's the catch...
  6. M

    Motherboard P67 Z68 X58 H61 H55 H67

    Hello guys can any one point out the differences of these board version refers to
  7. Rohan_B

    Android Queries

    1)Just heard about the Xperia Ray. Looks awesome!! So do you think it will be a good phone guys?? Here is a video by Sony Ericsson showing the features- ElM3Kbcg_qY What will you think will be its price in India and when will it launch in India?? 2) Is the Indian Version of the Nexus S(Super...
  8. blackpearl

    Does Motorola Quench XT3 have FM?

    I'm eyeing this phone, but I'm not sure about the correct specification. Some websites report it has FM others say not. Also the Android version is reported as 1.6 in some and 2.2 in others. Does anyone know what Motorola Quench comes with?
  9. K

    printing ways?

    Hi Guys, *How to print(with printer) the screen displays when we use media player for movies and the like. Is there any version having the feature?
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