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is it a bug? irql not less or equal natio.sys windows 8.1


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hi all,

i have been facing this since i installed windows 8.1. Prior to that everything was smooth

this crashes the windows everytime i start downloading a movie in torrents (utorrent_latest)
for a period inbetween (say a month) everything was smooth.Without any specific care taken.

but now again it has popped up and i just cant download anything thru torrents.

on searching google, it directs to...
<the blue screen of death>

but after every HUFFnPUFF, its futile... ends nowhere ? :sad:

has anybody faced this problem ?

and more importantly does anybody have solution to this :confused:

- - - Updated - - -

No directions, what so ever... :| :| :|

- - - Updated - - -

okay, surfing anomalously lead me to one of the post where one member showed he was using an old version of utorrent (v2.0.4) and rest everything was latest. still all worked fine for him

gave me an :idea: to try it... and BINGO!!! it has served the purpose...

Outcome :--
utorrent latest version (v3.4.1) is not compatible with windows 8.1 and giving hell of di time to the users.


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Something like this happened with me on Windows 7 with the latest uTorrent. I switched to Deluge after that
What's the size of the data u r downloading? More than 10-20gb ?
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