1. Cyberghost

    Wwe 2k16

    The authority in WWE video games returns with WWE 2K16! The newest addition to the flagship WWE video game franchise will deliver fun, authentic and hard-hitting action, including returning fan-favorite features and game modes, new innovations and more! Play as the greatest WWE Superstars, Divas...
  2. Nanducob

    [IEM] Soundmagic es18 vs es18s

    Hi, I had es 18 years ago and I loved it.After it died I bought cowon em1.But i didnt like it as much as es 18. So now there is a mic d version of it called es18s.I was wondering if they improved the cable in the new version(es18s)I have no use for the mic but would buy the new version of it if...
  3. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Windows 10 get for FREE

    Install the Technical preview and you get to upgrade to retail version. Free. Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 to anyone who tests it | The Verge MS did a flip flop, its now free again but without a license. May be it means you don't get support for free. Since you are technical preview...
  4. G

    Urgent - windows 7 related problem?

    Hello, to all of you, I have a HP Laptop which is running Windows 7 Home Premium Genuine Version, yesterday I opened a file from pendrive, I think it contains the virus after that when I restart my laptop firstly I got an error message for different applications stating "The application was...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Windows 10 to be the Last One of ‘Windows’

    Source : Windows 10 to be the Last One of 'Windows' - eTeknix Are they really inspired by Arch Linux?
  6. iittopper

    xbox 360 controller OEM

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller Remote FOR Xbox 360 AND PC OEM Controller | eBay Are these Xbox controller feels same as original one . Have anyone bought it ? Is it safe to get this OEM version of the controller?
  7. adityak469

    Need Help, Again - Can't play most games.

    Solved - Can't play most games. SOLVED Back to this sub forum, again ;_; So its been happening a lot and its getting annoying. Whenever I install a game, ahem or legit version, there's like a 70% chance that some .dll(s) is missing, and after I place that .dll, the game just doesn't work. A...
  8. G

    Need advice on buying PS3

    I am planning to buy a PS3 and I have some questions as I game only on PC: What is difference between regular, slim and super slim version? Which one to buy? Should I buy the 500GB or 12GB version? Can we install and play games on the PS3? Can PS3 access internet via WiFi or I need a LAN...
  9. SaiyanGoku

    Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled, $35 for quad Cortex-A7 and Windows 10

    Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled, $35 for quad Cortex-A7 and Windows 10 - GSMArena Blog holy cow :shock: Perfect for basic tasks and use as a HTPC. :D
  10. S

    GTS 450 haunting me again

    MODEL : ASUS NVIDIA GTS 450 its been around >3 yrs since i bought GTS 450. IN THE 1st month i played COD MW3 with ease ....but even at that time the problem had started. returned g card for repair or replacement thrice @ RASHI perpherals. in mumbai ...they told its working properly ...
  11. G

    Galaxy note 4 coming from us? - need urgent advice.

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, My friend is coming from US and he is getting a Note 4 Unlocked Version for me, I want to know, Will that US version supports the Indian LTE Bands? If not then Is there any way by which I can unlock that bands so that I can use 4G services here in India? Please...
  12. ajayritik

    Need OCR software to edit PDF document

    Hi Friends, I have some PDF documents which are scanned copies and I need them to be edited or converted to excel. Is there any online software available which can do this. Since I can't install the software on machine here I need an online version.
  13. K

    Need Indian IP..Help !!

    I am currently out of India and I do really need Indian IP address to complete few online tasks. I am currently using Hide IP Easy (pirated version ofc :( ). But this one is too freaking sloww. Any ideas will be appreciated. VPNs??
  14. adityak469

    Flashing A PS3(fat version)

    So most probably I'll be buying a PS3 from anirbandd But his PS3 isn't flashed and I don't have any experience on flashing a PS3. I wanted to know whether I can flash a PS3 (fat version) without much hassle? And after flashing how do I install games(you know which version) on it(like can I...
  15. IronCruz

    BlueScreen, worried about my system

    System restarts after loading windows. And i get message that, Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might have caused the issue. Please help me out :(
  16. rickenjus

    Poweramp Full Version at just rs 59

    Sry if its a repost. Anybody got play credits or is there anyone who can purchase this app for me. I have a visa card which is not working .. Please help guys.. buy poweramp
  17. ico

    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    anyone here? could only find the Nexus 4 people in this forum. I'm a proud owner of Nexus 5 D820 (US version). Best phone ever, except for batter life ofc.
  18. TechnoBOY

    what is the use of updating android firmware ?? :-?

    i heard of many complaints after updating the android os version or firmware like the battery back up has reduced i know there are many pros but why dont they provide the option to restore to older version if they face many problems :-? :|
  19. Pratik Pawar

    Query of 3 games.. :P

    Friends, I hav doubts abt 3 games & their PC version.. 1. the latest NFS version was NFS Rivals last year, any news abt any newer ver. dis yr, nxt yr.? 2. the FIFA world cup 2014 game by EA sports, its pc ver. is not der ryt? any idea is it comin later sometimes.? 3. any Idea, abt any PC ver...
  20. J

    [Praise] MSI GPU RMA ~ 6850 to 7850

    My beloved MSI R6850 bit the dust after two years and I gave it for RMA on 5th may. They took a long time,but to my surprise they gave me a brand new HD 7850 on 4th June. The best part is that I gave them a 1gb version of the R6850. The 7850 they gave me is a 2gb version. :D Very happy with the...
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