Flashing A PS3(fat version)


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So most probably I'll be buying a PS3 from [MENTION=148045]anirbandd[/MENTION]
But his PS3 isn't flashed and I don't have any experience on flashing a PS3. I wanted to know whether I can flash a PS3 (fat version) without much hassle?
And after flashing how do I install games(you know which version) on it(like can I install the games from my ext USB HDD) and whether I will be able to play legit games(DVDs). I know that I can't connect to PSN but that doesn't concern me much.

It'd appreciate if you people can state all the pros and cons of flashing and a link to how to flash. :)

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bummer no help? ;-;


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dude.. this is not a legit discussion.

and anyway, incase no one answers, all of your questions canbe answered by google. :)
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