1. A

    How much should I tip my hair stylist

    Hi , I get my hair cut done at Essensulas(sub brand of tony &guy) . I usually pick out offers from Groupon /news paper. So the usual charge is 150-200 for hair cut +shave+wash done by a senior stylist . How much is the usual tip, I feel I could make him feel offended by paying him less so I...
  2. GhorMaanas

    Lumia 525 or Moto G or LG L90

    hello! pls suggest a ph among the 3 in the subject. the phone is for a friend, a first-time user of android/windows. usage would be the usual casual one, plus some share-mkt trading apps. pls suggest, alongwith reasons for your recommendation (does LG have better service?). thanks!
  3. doomgiver

    RIFT, f2p mmo

    anyone else playing it? if not, i highly suggest you give it a try, its pretty good, and doesnt have the usual pay to win bullcr@p that goes with most mmo's. join the EU servers (better ping) and come have some fun.
  4. J

    Laptop for usual stuff under 34k

    1) What is your budget? 34k INR max 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like:dell, hp, lenovo b. Dislike:acer 4) What are the primary...
  5. Anorion

    Humble Bundle for Android 4

    just went live The Humble Bundle for Android 4 (pay what you want and help charity) Splice Eufloria Waking Mars Machinarium Crayon Physics Deluxe Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Beta - worth it for just this price is $6 and as usual, all the games are desktop ready these bundles...
  6. vipul619

    [Review] ASUS K53SM-SX010D Notebook

    THREAD WILL TAKE TIME TO LOAD.. :-D After lot of research and with the help of fellow TD members i finally purchased this laptop for 40000INR from Nehru Place, Delhi from an Authorized ASUS Outlet with accessories that include Budget USB Mouse 1 Year, 3 User Antivirus (N360), DAFUQ...
  7. vikash

    USB 3.0 queries

    I am planning to buy a USB 3.0 pen drive 8GB. And i 've never used a usb 3.0 before So, first of all suggestions are most welcome.... Second, I wanted to ask if there are issues regarding connectivity with my laptop, because going through the web i found that it behaves as a usual...
  8. Admirer Of Digit

    3year old Desktop PC

    :stirpot: I have bought a new :hyper: Lappy so i want ot sell of my old junky Config: :reading: Intel Pentium 4 512MB DDR1 RAM DVD RW 17" Monitor Onboard graphics Plus other hardware as usual included....... :2subs: :mallet: MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more information...
  9. windchimes

    3D Cinemas and Shows

    Digitians, Wish to know where all in India we have 3D Cinemas as well as 3D shows... Hope as usual there will be someone (or many) to guide me through..
  10. phreak0ut

    Search feature broken?

    I just can't search anything!! I simply get redirected back to the search page each time I hit the button. Is it because of the Kirsch theme?(I remember doing searches just fine before on this theme) or is the usual TDF problem? :x Tried on my Opera(default) and FF.
  11. Mohnishgs

    buying a new pc please help.......

    can anyone suggest me two configurations for a new pc, one the best possible configuration for 35k and another the best possible config with easily available parts for the same price...................i'll be using my pc for moderate gaming, surfing, 3d modelling, movies, music and the other...
  12. M

    showing "OPEN WITH" while trying to open C:-need guidance

    Dear all experts and co members, well, in my office pc, now i am in trouble, that; now while i am to open my C: by double clicking, it is not getting opened as usual, now the 'open with' function is coming. how can i solve this. be kind to guide me in this regarding thanking you in...
  13. b.paarthasarathy

    Is Rapidshare Gone Mad !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello frenzzz..... My name is b.parthasarathy and i am in kumbakonam (a sweet town in tamilnadu) the time is 11:07PM , August, 01, 2008..... as usual i dumped download links for 2morrows download in Internet Download Manager (as i hav premium account and 500 plan in bsnl , i can download...
  14. boeing_737

    Problem with printer port

    Hi all, I have an ASUS M2N-E motherboard. The problem is that there is not the usual backside connection for the printer port.. instead the connections are here, as shown in fig. Looks like I will need some kind of connector which fits into those pins on one side and can be mounted in the...
  15. Maverick340

    [PIC]Indiatimes Domain Frustration

    After repeated struggle to get my domain's EPP code/Domain Secret , i replied to one of their reminder emails telling me to renew asap as it will expire soon. Expecting no reply as usual i wrote back demanding my EPP code with a twist ;) See what followed
  16. eggman

    Nothing official about it...........

    Hi guys........ Me and my 2 of my friends(One is fun2sh,of this forum) are thinking of making project in out 4th Sem in B.E. As the thread name say, nothing is official about it, that is it's not in Syllabus or anything. C++ is the language of choice . As its not from syllabus, we have more...
  17. Ethan_Hunt

    LAN Issue

    Alrighty guys need your help.Here's what happened.A few days back in Mumbai we had an out-of-the blue monsoon shower along with the usual lightning.I as usual left my PC off(main cord not plugged off from the socket) & went for a stroll.When I came back & switched on the PC,Voilla it's not...
  18. D

    a color screened phone

    i want to buy a color screened cell budget is should be either a nokia,motorola or samsung.apart from all the usual features,the most important factor should be long battery life.
  19. R

    Automatic restart problem

    I have a IBM X series server running Windows 2000 server.Whenever I am trying to shut down the machine the shut down optional manu is popping up as usual but before i can do anything the machine is getting automatically restarted.Help.
  20. R

    Dataone latency on

    I have a 256 kbps internet connection from my cable wallah! My usual latency on is 260 - 300 , sometimes it's better , but this is the usual latency. I was thinking of switching to BSNL , so can anyone tell me wat's the general Dataone latency in I live in bhubaneswar ...
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