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  1. Harsh Pranami

    Removing factory installed recovery partition and making a new one

    Hi friends. I was wondering if I could remove the factory installed recovery partition and make a new one with all the windows and drivers update. Is this possible?? If yes then please tell me the procedure.Thanks
  2. Sainatarajan

    Windows Update Service and other services are not running?????????Need help

    Guys, i just found out that the windows update service and many other services are not running. I currently have Windows 7............Do i need to format it and install once more... When i turn on the updates , it says " Windows update cannot currently check for updates , because the service is...
  3. chandan3

    Driver update

    Which driver r essential for update to play heavy games like max payne 3,crysis 3,bf3 etc
  4. R

    Nokia's 'Amber' Update enables FM Radio Functionality To Windows Phone 8

    Nokia Lumia gets update to enable FM radio and double tap to unlock. Here is the report > http://www.techtree.com/content/news/3708/nokia-amber-update-restore-fm-radio-functionality-wp8.html#.UZTmnEqfz1A Great News. :razz:
  5. GhorMaanas

    Unable to download anything!

    Hello everyone! a friend living abroad just connected to me to tell of a problem with his laptop. he says that he formatted his system recently, and since then, he can't get to download anything and has been unable to connect to gtalk, itunes, etc. throws up no error. although he can browse...
  6. rajwansh2003

    Samsung Galaxy S4 got First Update!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S4 got First Update, still have little bugs, some time mobile restart while opening the Camera :( . But Ultimate Mobile.
  7. R

    How to Update Fifa13 ?

    Hey guyz i'm running pirated copy of fifa13. Can any1 tel me how to update the game with a patch as there are few bugs most noticably EMPTY STADIUMS ! I know many of you will comment on running a Pirated Version but I dont care about that, I had once bought original just to later realize that I...
  8. P

    Delta force black hawk down update problem

    Hey Guys I recently updated my delta force black hawk down to the latest version But when I launched the game after installing the game I COULD NOT SELECT SINGLE PLAYER OR MULTIPLAYER ON THE MENU. Please help me out....

    Youtube is not working

    Whenever I try to play a video after few second a message keep appearing "an error has occurred.Please try again later". Flash player is update and also clear cookies and cache all the thing in browser, tried in every browser but still no luck. Any suggestion.
  10. V

    LG has released JELLY BEAN Update for L9

    Hi Friends Lg has release JELLY BEAN Update for l9 ,I have updated with lg mobile support tool ,size of update is 580mb camera picture quality is increase and u can know move apps to ext sd card screen shot LG pc suite NEW QSLIDE APPS MULTI WINDOW NOW...
  11. mrinmoy

    Windows 8 pro, update settings is grayed out.

    Hi, I use windows 8 pro in my laptop with a microsoft live account. The os is activated. Today in the notification centre I got a message about "view windows update settings". When I clicked on the message I saw that "change settings" option...
  12. T

    Should i update My Galaxy S2 I9100 from ICS(4.0.4) to Jb(4.1.2)?Please help

    S2 is getting jb update but i was confused to update as i came to know that after jb update battery life drastically decrease.please help....
  13. HE-MAN

    Samsung ua32eh5000

    samsung ua32eh5000 has stopped playing files from usb even the movies which use to work perfectly before now just freeze after 1 second. i have tried number of usb drivers still the same result even tried the firmware update from usb but cannot find the update from the usb. plz help with this...
  14. A

    Strange Problem with my Monitor with latest Nvidia Update

    Hi, I had a strange problem yesterday with my monitor and CPU with Windows 8 installed. I have Nvidia 9500 GT(512MB) and i updated it with this latest update 314.07-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql. When i restart, Monitor starts flickering. Then i just googled to find out...
  15. Jay1234

    Best way to update drivers ?!!

    I have searched for ways to update drivers 1 is going to the manufacturer's site and downloading it which is tedious ! is there any goooood app which can do that ????
  16. Y

    Windows 7.8 update

    Is been 8 days from 30 jan, still no update of windows 7.8 in my nokia 710. Is the update come in India. Pls help as I am waiting for this update from a long time
  17. K

    How to update avira manually?

    Hi Is it possible to update avira manually in my pc downloading the files in laptop?
  18. L

    opinion about Samsung galaxy s advance....

    hey guys.... I am getting S advance for 17 k.... fits perfectly into my budget.... so wanted opinion if i should go for it.... the reason m going for s advance..:: JB update , dual core and price.... cons...:: a year old.... what u guys think....??
  19. Droid

    Samsung Galaxy S II: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update rolls out

  20. C

    Onboard sound is horrible

    I have Gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev 2 Mobo few days ago when i asked customer care about windows 8 driver they told me to update the bios so i did but after updating bios everything is working fine but bass completely overwhelms entire music like im in hall or something Im using brainwavz M3 earphone...
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