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  • do not take it as offensive statement :) (mentioning this because everyone here take my statements as offensive and try to correct me instead of understanding :( )

    Was Reading Reviews in flipkart , and saw a Post in which a guy had Combined a I5 2500K with ASUS P8H61 M LX
    if that person is not fool (k cpu + h61 + don't want to upgrade = foolish thing)
    there are two way to get i5-2500k + maximus 4 for budget concious user

    first option
    buy maximus 4 and celeron cpu ~15k
    and then replace celeron with 2500k after sometime

    second option
    buy i5-2500k and h61 board ~15
    and then replace h61 with maximus 4

    both costs almost same but second option provide more performance from the begining ;)
    not a problem at all buddy.
    Just check RPM from BIOS and use SpeedFan to monitor speed in Windows n let me know whenever you get time. :wink:
    At what RPM does your fan work? And I hope you can sucessfully control the fan speeds?
    And yes the main thing. Is this fan silent? 32dB seems to be a slight noisy. Is it so?
    k, thnks. But did you have any cash back at that time? FK now has Rs.39 cashback so total comes to Rs.402 now.
    And what all accessories came with this pack? Plz be specific. :)
    Hi buddy,
    Can you tell me the performance of your Deepcool Iceblade fan. I am thinking of replacing my rear 120MM 1k RPM fan with this. So, should I consider it? And for what price did you buy it?
    Hey there saw your many posts. Prices that state in your posts sounds very reasonable. From where can i buy parts at the same rate?
    Actually, I tried changing it but it's just changing the title inside the topic not on the forum board
    i m ready to get the 500w.. but can i have a solid reason ? cuz im really convinced about getting the 430 Bronze
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