1. ico

    Firefox 42 launches with Tracking Protection

    Source: Firefox 42 Launches With Tracking Protection In Private Browsing Mode | TechCrunch
  2. .jRay.

    Positive Experience

    I bought ON gold standard whey (5lb) from and it was delivered in 3days, all I can say is it was a good deal and I got a shaker free, tracking system lags as it doesn't show current location like Flipkart's.
  3. Superayush

    Positive Experience New Delhi- earphones

    I had ordered an earphone from eBay (vsonic gr06) from the seller lendmeurears and am delighted to share my experience of the purchase. * I had a hassle-free and smooth experience right from payment to...
  4. krishnandu.sarkar

    Positive Experience Kolkata - Miscelleneous Items

    URL of product (if available still) : Amzer Super Clear Screen Protector Scratch Guard For LG Optimus One Date of purchase : 16/09/11 Tracking ID / Order ID : 330612365248 Your PIN Code : 700040 Courier used : Forgot..!! Praise / Complaint details : Was Delivered In Time. Had No Issues URL...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Positive Experience Kolkata - Miscelleneous Items

    URL of product (if available still) : HP V-220 W 32 GB Pen Drive - HP: Date of purchase : 2 October, 2012 Tracking ID / Order ID : OD21002101239 Your PIN Code : 700040 Courier used : Flipkart's Own Courier Praise / Complaint details : Was delivered in time. Had no issues...
  6. C

    [Complaint] Taken for a ride: FedEx/Flipkart

    I ordered a G.Skill RipjawsX 4 GB RAM from flipkart on 3/8/13. They shipped it on 4/8/13 via FedEx and as usual I got the tracking number. The estimated date of delivery was 8/8/13 but on checking the delivery status on 7/8/13 it showed up as 'delivered' (at residence) but I had got no call...
  7. avinandan012

    New way of tracking and the good/bad part is that you cant hide from it

    This is a new way of tracking a online user. And can't be disabled cause it was already there just someone didn't analized it all. One can't opt out from it.
  8. M


    Please suggest me completely free laptop tracking software in he event of laptop theft.
  9. pratyush997

    DTDC Tracking blocked

    HI folks, Please help me out... I have tracking No. Airway Bill Details and its shipped via DTDC. When I try to load tracking info page it shows me this What to do...plzz Help me soon So I figured the way to get that...links provided by ebay were not working..Tried directly from the site and...
  10. vetdrchandan

    SMS Tracker

    Hey guys can you help me finding any Free SMS tracking software for android. I tried SMS Tracker ( Tipsy and more but all are wanting money after few days. So can any one knows any free software for sms tracking available for Android. I only want to Track SMS nothing else...
  11. Garbage

    Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran

    Source - Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran
  12. N

    i5 2400

    sorry i don't know where to post this.. i just ordered i5 2400 to smc,, but i did not pay yet,,this is my first trading online... is this safe ? they called and said "pay us" then we will dispatch and will give u a tracking link.... so now i have to pay through kotak mahindra bank m i...
  13. amitava82

    Need some help in courier tracking!!

    Hey guys I was kinda bored today evening, so developed this site to track couriers! I had this on my mind quite sometime now. I do lot of shopping on ebay and other online sites and it's kinda hassle to track different couriers on different web sites. Now, the problem is I don't know that many...
  14. azzu

    Smartphone Touch Screen Analysis

    MOTO Development Labs devised a simple method of analyzing capacitive touch screens using drawing programs. They put the iPhone, the Nexus One, the Droid, and the Droid Eris through the paces and proved not all touch screens are created equal. Using only your fingers and a drawing app, MOTO...
  15. panacea_amc

    Mobile Tracking>>

    if i lose my mobile fone and i want to find it back, then i have to inform my network provider about it...but is there any way of tracking back my mobile fone without involving the network provider? suppose, the person is still using the same sim and has not switched off the mobile. thanks!
  16. Cyrus_the_virus

    New service tracks missing laptops for free

    Researchers have developed a free open-source laptop tracking system for laptops called Adeona. Lose your laptop these days and you lose part of your life: You say good-bye to photos, music and personal documents that cannot be replaced, and if it's a work computer, you may be the source of a...
  17. Batistabomb

    Buy my product "Mobile Tracking System" , Just Rs. 350

    Guys i was a symbian software engineer for nokia series 60 mobiles, our newly developed product "MOBILE TRACKING SYSTEM (MTS) ", is just for Rs.350, i will provide you with a CD pack which we can install directly in to the mobile, if interested contact me here
  18. Anindya

    Same connection but diff. ip!

    Hello, I use cellone unlimited gprs to access the net through mobile. The query is in the modem status dialog box and in the magitime software dialog box i am seeing a similar ip. But in any ip tracking site or in spicejet site they are showing me a different ip address. Plz tell me why is it so?
  19. GeeNeeYes

    track / locate any GSM mobile in the world using GPS !

    Wow !! a GSM mobile tracking website..., it uses satellite cameras and works really well. you can also see the location with zoom by satellite space imagery! open website and you can type in a mobile phone number and it finds exactly where the person is located (assuming the mobile is...
  20. Sourabh

    NASA Searching for Moon Landing Tapes

    NASA officials are searching for the original videotapes from the first moon landing in 1969 in the hopes that they can use modern technology to produce sharper images of the event. The video, including footage of Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon, was...
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