Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran


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Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service – Simran

We earlier covered Indian Railways’ plans to launch Baby Simran project (SIMRAN stands for Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation) that involves digital mapping of stations.simran

The Rs. 100 Crore project, in partnership with IIT Kanpur enables passengers to know the exact position of a train by sending an SMS. The GPS device will help tracking down the exact location of the train and also monitor the train’s speed.

The project Simran is now live (SIMRAN) and user gets train position by send SMS to any of the following mobile numbers.

SIMRAN: Data Available

The data this service offers is:

Train Speed
Closest Station , Next Stop.
Train status (Late/Before Time/Approaching). real_time_trains


SMS Format

You can send SMS to 09415213409 or 09415213493 with the following format:

T 2004; {To know the current location of train 2004}

The site is quite buggy to start off (some of the links aren’t working), but is a step in right direction. In fact, this is an interesting project to watch out for, though one would expect Rs. 100 Cr project to have a more robust execution.

Source - Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran


Cyborg Agent
Wow! Nice !

Presently this service is available on Pilot Basis for selected trains(12003, 12004, 12301, 12302, 12305, 12306, 12313, 12314, 12951, 12952, 12953, 12954) only.


In the zone
100 Crore for this?!! duh!

I would've implemented in much better way for 10lakh.

(Have experience in building such stuff)


Nice initiative but as its on pilot basis site is running properly. It will be interesting to see when it will be implemented on all trains as running a site without downtime or slowness will be real challenge for railways.


Earlier this was available for some southern india trains, i remember tracking some south bound train some 1-2 years back. Now seems they are going to implement on whole india basis.

Dont know but I feel every train should have GPS and drivers should have CB Radio / Radio set to communicate with base, wherever they are ,,,
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