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I had ordered an earphone from eBay (vsonic gr06) from the seller lendmeurears and am delighted to share my experience of the purchase.

I had a hassle-free and smooth experience right from payment to communication to seller to delivery.
Since the item was shipped internationally (eBay.com) it was essential for me to track the item carefully.

The seller provided me with the shipping details (item was coming from Singapore).

Shipping had to be done by 2 parts Singapore to India and India to to local

The item reached India within 3-4 days of placing order and was confirmed by the tracking address provided for Singapore post.

But the tracking address he provided me for India to local didn't give the items status.....some error that item not digitally signed or something..I got worried ..

But then I entered the tracking address at indiamail website and was able to track the item which arrived to my home 6-7 days afterwards.

The item received was packed carefully and the earphones are rocking !! :D
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So that mean if I want to buy the following then cost will be:
25$ * 60 = Rs. 1500



hi, what about custom charges? Is it included in price of item itself? or we have pay it separately?, if yes then how?
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