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  1. B

    PCI Express version....

    Hi guys.. I have a Intel D946GZIS motherboard. I believe it has a PCI-e version 1.1 slot. I currently have a Nvidia 7300GS (Asus ) I need to know whether i can upgrade it to a 8600gt or above.. I am not sure about the slot version compatibiliyt.. Throw some light on this issue if...
  2. Renny

    Any BSD users?

    Well the title says it, Anyone here who uses FreeBSD, DesktopBSD, PCBSD or the likes? Could you guys share your experience and throw light on how different it is from linux? Well I could've searched wikipedia but I wanna first hand account of how it is.
  3. enticer86

    Waste CDs- Any use?

    Being a regular CHIP> Digit subscriber plus a computer freak since 1995, i hav a collection of uncountable CDs that are now almost useless- the newer versions of softs are easily available online... n i dont scroll thru so many CDs now.. Some can't run... What shud i do with them? Any ideas...
  4. G

    Dont Throw your CD-RW if it is not working

    Hello all, It is known to us that WINDOWS 98 SE is Old, but there is something in this OS which is still useful. If you are using CD-RW and it is not working properly after some writing or erasing attempts don't throw it. Use WINDOWS 98 SE, and within windows 98 se, erase your CD-RW using...
  5. N

    How to trash CD's ?

    i've got a large number of cd-r's (>500) containing some of which contain important data..now the problem is that i dont need them anymore and want to throw them..how do i do that??
  6. RCuber

    Throw tomatos at your friends.

    Hey guys want to throw tomatos at your friend without real tomatos? Check out this... Throwing tomatos at Thinkdigit forum. Throwing tomatos at Microsoft Throwing tomatos at Apple Throwing tomatos at ME :( trick http://www.netdisaster.com/go.php?mode=tomato&url=YOUR FRIENDS...

    Nfs Carbon Lan Connection

    any one know how to connect nfs carbon throw lan
  8. iinfi

    any one knows abt ABAP

    does anyone know abt ABAP and wat are the chances of getting a good job for a fresh BSc IT graduate doing a course on ABAP? the course costs 40K i believe n there are quite a few institutes offerring such courses. any one in this line who can throw more light on it?? more info...
  9. D

    Get Eco Conscious !!

    Hey all, keeping it short, I am a guy who does care about the environment. And there are some serious issues which everybody should pay heed to. I am talking about "Disposing off our damaged computing devices and peripherals". Of late I have discovered in my house some done-for speakers...
  10. A

    how about getting laptop from us?

    hello i need a good configuration laptop. can you guys suggest me how much price difference exists for a good dell or compaq or lenovo laptop between india and usa? i would appreciate if you guys throw some light on my idea. thanks in advance ame
  11. A

    Wifi Connectivity on my Thinkpad laptop.

    I have bought a Thinkpad with 2200 BG connection... I have sify broadband connection at home for my desktop PC. I want to use the Wifi internet on my laptop. How do i go about it ? I think i need to buy some Wi fi Hub.. Please throw some light.
  12. H

    Download Limiter?

    Hello, I heard of a specific s/w which "limits" your monthly downloads to the permissible 1.0GB (I am using the BSNL broadband internet connection, which aloows me 1 GB of free downloads). Can anyone throw more light on this...Or was I just taken for a ride? Thanking you all in advance....
  13. O


    i bought a new mmc reader for my n-gage.....now i want to throw my bluetooth dongle... but before pay a visit to the local dustbin cud u ppl tell me what can i do with my dongle that i cant do with my mmc reader..... cud u tell me bout some kool apps that i can use?????or shd i throw it out...
  14. tuXian

    .:: Is Paypal Legal In India? ::.

    Could anyone plz let me know the true and actual status of Paypal usage in India keeping the rules and regulations laid down by the IT act in mind. I heard some years back that it was illegal but now many say its become legal. Can anyone throw light on the truth. Links to rules regarding...
  15. R

    Time to change my monitor????

    Hi.. i have 6-7 yrs old Acer 34e color monitor.. its started to flicker,sometimes goes off , sometimes the resolution changes autmatically?.. is it time to throw it away n buy a 17" samsung or shud i get it repaired?.. how much wud it cost for repair?..
  16. goobimama

    long-throw, down-firing subwoofer?

    I like reading speaker reviews and I find that they always mention one or the other terms for the subwoofer. Long throw or down firing. What does this mean? and which is better?
  17. N

    Only one account in windows xp

    Hello everybody, Is there any option in the localpolicies in windows xp throw which we can restrict to create only one Accounti n windows xp
  18. S

    How's That!!

    This topic is to ask questions about the new technology you don't know how it works.So,ask the geeks and they will give their best.Here is my first throw, How does the stack cooling works? This cooling is used in the asus's latest mobo(LGAP5D2).it is noiseless and more effective cooling.So...
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