Only one account in windows xp

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Hello everybody,
Is there any option in the localpolicies in windows xp throw which we can restrict to create only one Accounti n windows xp


One way of creating only one account (Administrator) in XP is,

when you install windows XP then after final restart it says that windows XP can correct your resolution settings. then it asks for confirmation that the settings done are correct or not. click on NO. Then your original resolution (640*480) will be back and the application which prompts u to make at a single account of admin rights will not come. So you will be left only with Admin account.


Cyborg Agent
I dont know if its directly possible ..
but u can use this trick ..

go to start->run->"gpedit.msc"
go to User Confguration -> Control Panel
dbl click "Hide specified Control Panel applets"
enable it .. and in list of disallowed applets add "nusrmgr.cpl"

This will hide USERS link from Control Panel ...
thereby .. no one can add new user !

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