any one knows abt ABAP

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does anyone know abt ABAP and wat are the chances of getting a good job for a fresh BSc IT graduate doing a course on ABAP?
the course costs 40K i believe n there are quite a few institutes offerring such courses.
any one in this line who can throw more light on it??

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In the zone
u better join for some SAP forums , then will give u a better opinion .look for a fresher u need skills of C, java , DBMS and problem solving skills to enter companies like Tcs, cts , L&T , patni ,iflex . then ur project will be alloted .
but knowing a different technology is always a very good adv . but remember SAP is indeed difficult , and SAP 's erp is implemented through java . u have to spend good time . u can take a training provided by SEIMENS on SAP .
that goooooood and comes at a price .

but dont go any training ins on SAP , go for good one only
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