1. A

    Broadband wi fi modem

    please suggest one which is simple and reliable.want to connect my lappie and phones inside the house.fed up with TP link w 8968 which am planning to throw siemens sl2141 still soldieiring on after almost 8 years of purchse.budget Rs 2000.00
  2. S

    Help me buy a laptop.

    1) What is your budget? - 35000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Studying, using AutoCAD, and other such related applications a architecture student would...
  3. jaimin100

    16gb sandisk pd stoped detecting

    hello mates,while i was formating(full) there is some intuption in that,and mg popup that unable to format pd,after that it is not detectected in my pc or in my phone via otg cable shall i throw it away? or any sollution? right now in oman so i dont think so i have choice to go to service...
  4. ssb1551

    Deal on Xperia Z

    Xperia Z for 34K!!!!! Guys, check out a sweet deal on for Xperia Z : Sony Xperia Z How does it sound? Really!! no one is shocked to see the mobile at a throw away price??
  5. H

    [Want to Buy] Gtx 460

    Need a GTX 460 here. Budget is 5k Throw your offers guys 8-)
  6. N@m@n

    Monitor underRs 10000...:razz:

    Guys need monitor for gaming at high resolution...? So just throw your suggestions.
  7. Shah

    Noob Question: What does the "nm" mean?

    I badly want to know what does the "nm" (as in 32nm, 22nm, 45nm, 65nm) means? Can someone throw lights on this topic? Thanks in Advance...!
  8. Pratz993

    Windows 8

    It is a month since i installed windows 8 consumer preview on my pc.I may not be any expert but it isn't any useful.Please do throw light on this topic.
  9. JojoTheDragon

    What can we do to help the environment?

    I've thinking these past days about the ways in which commom-man can help the environment. I could only think of one. Other people please share your tips and help increase the list. :) 1)Don't throw those "chips" packets , etc on the road, drains, or anywhere public. Instead open them up...
  10. T

    Nokia X7

    People any thoughts on the Nokia X7? I know about the pit falls but the thing is I am getting an irresistible offer to get the phone at a throw away price. And would be decent upgrade for me!
  11. topgear

    A 'Mouse' That You Can Squeeze, Roll and Throw

    How do you make a mouse adorable? Make it a squeezable, rollable, huggable, throwable ball. This is the Puyocon, a product of the Entertainment Computing Laboratory at Japan’s Tsukuba University. The aim behind this soft, ball-like input interface is to develop something resilient and...
  12. freshseasons

    Ninja Stars

    Just saw Ninja Assassin and needless to say it has started giving me ideas.You must have seen ninja throwing some stars and villans falling off after getting hit. I need to kill a dog in my neighborhood. Or as least keep me protected from him. Where do i find these stars ? Condition:The...
  13. codename_romeo

    WD or Seagate ?????

    Going in for a new 500GB hdd. After lots of browsing through the forum i saw that there are people who would say that seagate has a higher failure rate than WD and some say otherwise. I am getting WD and seagate for roughly 3k in my city. But the question is that i wantu know which is better in...
  14. H

    Internet Explorer Issue

    Hi Friends Inspite of proper shut-down every time I restart my computer and click on IE, a message box opens saying "IE session closed suddenly" "Do you want to restore the session" "Do you want to go to the home page" Kindly throw some light on what is happening. I use Vista Home Edition...
  15. amitabhishek

    Neo FreeRunner : Review Coming up

    Neo FreeRunner : Review I am in process of acquiring a brand new Neo FreeRunner a.k.a. Openmoko at a throw away price. Watch this space!!! Ciao!!!:)
  16. M

    30 Gb Video Ipod for sale!!!

    Hi Friends, I want to sell my 30 GB Ipod for Rs.4500. I would prefer Mumbai buyers (no shipping). Throw in your quotes or e-mail me at
  17. M

    Problem with SEUS

    whenever i try to run update service i m getting the following error But i have already installed flash player v9. Can somebody throw some light?
  18. S

    Is there a difference between windows mobile and PocketPC?

    As far as i know Pocket PC uses Windows mobile. so do Smartphones.... But some where i came across the words "Pocket PC and Windows mobile" can anyone throw some light on this? Also can someone suggest me the cheapest windows mobile 6.0 phone?
  19. mayneu

    Where do i get the 3G iphone in India ?

    Hi, i am willing to buy 3G iphone, i am located in bangalore. Does anyone know where in bangalore i can buy it, whats its real cost and whats the guarantee if i buy it in a grey market ? Pls throw some light on this issue as the new iphone is awesome...Pls
  20. S

    Want information on Thin Clients

    I was reading an article about a company adding thin clients to a single computer to reduce hardware costs. I want to know more about thin clients and their usage and requirements etc. Shall be obliged if somebody can throw some light on this.
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