Time to change my monitor????

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Hi.. i have 6-7 yrs old Acer 34e color monitor.. its started to flicker,sometimes goes off , sometimes the resolution changes autmatically?..
is it time to throw it away n buy a 17" samsung or shud i get it repaired?..
how much wud it cost for repair?..


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hey there,
get a new one..samsung monitors r good but do search 4 other models like LG etc..look for good bargains with the seller..not worth repairing..never seen acer monitors though


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:arrow: time to change ur monitor dude!!!

go for either samsung or LG...
samsung black 17" - 5800
LG 700E 17" black/grey - 5600

other variants r also there in 17" category.... but what u call "value for money" .. choose between the above 2!! :wink:
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