1. MetalheadGautham

    EFY Tech Center Reviews ?

    I'm planning to do a course in EFY Tech Center on PIC18F and later Advanced RTOS with PIC18F Microcontroller. The former has certification from Microchip, Inc. Anybody attended a course at the EFY Tech Center ? Any reviews about the place ?
  2. bobby23

    Digit June 2009 tech careers booklet

    Does anyone remember Digit June 2009 tech careers booklet, which was given for Digit's 2009 anniversary? I lost that booklet. I am looking for another copy of it, anyone know where to get it? Maybe a digital copy or second hand copy, any copy is ok.
  3. mohityadavx

    Query certification Course

    Hi! I would be joining college this year & would be doing B Tech in CS/IT whichever gets me better college. Now I have some questions:- 1)What Is DOEACC? 2) CAn it be done alon with BTEch? 3) Will it give me some benefit if I do DOEACC seeing the fact i would be doing B Tech. 4)Are there...
  4. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [May 2011]

    Everywhere Tech Whether you travel with it, or travel for it. Technology is a tool you can't live without In this issue you'll find Must visit destinations for the geek shopper Tech you should use when travelling Is Windows Phone 7 any match for Android? Tablets to look forward to...
  5. rchi84

    Zotac 560 AMP! vs XFX Radeon 1GB

    interesting comparison between these two mid range giants: XFX's Radeon HD 6950 1GB takes on Zotac's GeForce GTX 560 Ti AMP - The Tech Report - Page 1 more or less on expected lines.
  6. U

    Template Suggestion

    Hello Guys! I am a Blogger from New Delhi blogging at UrbnGeek: Tech Blog I want to know- Is my Blog's Template good? Or do i need to change it? If you want me to change it, then please suggest some good blogger template which should match with my blog's content and topic. Here is the URL-...
  7. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [March 2011]

    Revealed! Secrets to social networking - We show you how to use social networking for fun and useful purposes. Find better friends, make lasting contacts, work better and gain popularity. You + 3G = local social superstar – Leverage the power of local crowdsourcing in your area Life...
  8. U

    Suggest a Tech Blog Domain Name

    Hey Friends, I have recently decided to transfer my old blog UrbnGeek to a self hosted Wordpress Blog with a Top Level Domain. Is UrbnGeek a good name for a Tech Blog? Plzz drop your suggestions. If you want to suggest another domain name, then PM me. ASAP Thank YOU.
  9. Jaskanwar Singh

    evga dual gpu and gigabyte g1 killer motherboards

    EVGA offers a sneak peek at Nvidia's next dual-GPU monster - The Tech Report Gigabyte intros G1-Killer motherboard series - The Tech Report
  10. G

    need help in tech quiz

    i took part in an tech quiz. i want some good site which can tell any thing about computer's history and related development. computer related companies history or anything. i have read Fast Track:Ages events and evolution. it's good. but want more. thanks.
  11. satyajitmishra_aVVa

    Graphic card

    Get Information on any Grahic Card you want. Know which is the best GPU for your use. Get Review & Tech Specs on Latest GPUs along with Latest Price in India (Any other Country also)
  12. R

    Best Tech Show

    Hey guys which tech show you like to watch & gt the most out of..........
  13. staticsid

    Do you use technology to help you with your studies?

    Digit is looking at getting insights from students who use tech in studies. Reply to this post and tell us in what way you use tech to help with your studies...
  14. abhi.eternal

    Career help needed - Non Tech!

    My friend has done her MSc in Bio-Tech this year. Currently, she is working in an international firm where she does taxes for others (its not as bad as it sounds! actually her job is pretty cool with a decent salary). However, she is not interested in continuing there. She thought of taking up...
  15. superboysahil

    For Digit Admins: Sponsoring our College Tech fest..

    Hi! I love Digit and yes I do... :-o SO that is why I contacted u guyz.. I'ma student of Thapar University, Patiala (Punjab) and as other college has...we also organize tech fest... As the prev. year Tech fest called Aranya...was quite a hit... we even want to make it much bigger...And we...
  16. thewisecrab

    How'z my blog?

    I recently launched my blog [If you count 5 months back as recent, then cool] (select my profile ->view homepage OR copy paste link from siggy, wont key in the blog here as I'm already getting phenominal amount of spam) Anyway, I was looking for some opinions. Not that n00bish kind of way, like...
  17. vinyasmusic

    Best institute to learn linux networking course

    Hi guys........ Im really stuck here .... I want 2 do a linux netwoking course during my holidays ... Im confused over which institute to choose 1. Rooman Tech 2. ICA shine 3. IIJT 4. HCL cdc Plz help ....:?:???::cry:
  18. vinyasmusic

    Best institute to learn linux networking course

    Hi guys........ Im really stuck here .... I want 2 do a linux netwoking course during my holidays ... Im confused over which institute to choose 1. Rooman Tech 2. ICA shine 3. IIJT 4. HCL cdc Plz help ....:|
  19. patkim

    Search is not working!

    Search is not working on this site. I hope Thinkdigit tech team is doing the needful.
  20. alter_ego

    I saw mass exodus to Tech Enclave

    While casual browsing and weighing my options, looks like Tech Enclave has become final resting point for digitians. But then isn't it something we were all expecting!!!???:|
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