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    tech way

  2. mario_pant

    where do i find the gadget prices on the web?

    is there any location on the web which tells me latest indian prices of tech gadgets, mobile phones, coputers,etc...?
  3. - Snake -

    I want to be a game developer!

    Hello Peoplez! I don't know whether I have posted my problem at right place or not....ok forget that... I am presently doing B. Tech. in Computer Engg. from Kuruksheta University.... I want to step into the gaming industry... I want to be a game developer or an animator... But I don't know...
  4. vandit

    prescott has HT?????

    In my recently posted queries, one of the moderators stated that the prescott processesor had Hyper threading tech. is it true ????????
  5. J

    [Preview] Digit Magazine - May 2005

    Enter Celeb Geek: Kailash Kher takls about technology in his life Adobe buys Macromedia Soon, you could be printing from your TV Can India replicate the success of software in entertainment? Digital Passion Click Here To Protest It was only a matter of time before protests and...
  6. P

    Gaming PC

    In todays tech world what are the specifications of the best gaming PC
  7. N

    Tech News from around the world.

    Tech News is found everywhere but all it leads to confusion and repetition. Now I am starting this thread where all of you can post news about tech world and please no repetitions allowed. You can post about news, new softwares and new hardwares launched. If you know the source please post...
  8. Raaabo

    [Preview] April 2005 Digit Magazine

    Please also consider this the feedback thread: Enter Acclaimed thinker and author Dr Edward deBono doesn’t use much tech Netscape Rises From The Ashes A worm that spreads via P2P networks such as KaZaA What 3G is, and how 3G-enabled devices work Digital Passion Security...
  9. S

    how to, run a tech magazine that people will actually like

  10. Raaabo

    [Preview] Digit Magazine - March 2005

    Enter Celeb Geek Adnan Sami on what tech means to him Made in India: The Handheld Of Tomorrow Internet Explorer vulnerabilities—yet again! ‘Pharming’ is, of course, next-gen Phishing. Here’s how they do it Digital Passion The Attack Of The Mobile Gamers The statistics are...
  11. K

    cd commpression software

    guys, few days back i bought a cd of normal mosebear cd of 700 MB, but it pumped to 3.7 GB of data, it contained win 3.1, win 95, win98 fe , win98 se, win nt , win 2000, win me, winxp pro, win 2000 pro i could not understand the tech used, please help me out
  12. P

    help me in my seminar topic tech. Behind Audio Conferencing

    hi , can any nice person help in finding the relavent data about my seminar topic Tech. Behing Audio Conferencing. i have searched this topic on google but i am un able to get any relavent data. plz help me and give me the wed address which can provide me the data. plz help me and...
  13. H

    Top Ranking in Major Search Engines

    Hi Folks, I've written this article long back so it may have some errors though almost every part is correct and works for me and every member of the boards where I've posted it so far. This Tutorial works for sure. I've used this method on 4 of my websites and it works like a charm, same...
  14. T

    jpeg to vcd?

    I want to convert my jpeg's/Bmp's to vcd. I have tried a lot of softwares but some has very poor resolution (photo2vcd) or pbc of cd player should be on (nero). I want help so i can run them on vcd players with good reso. + without tech. support.
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