1. aytus

    Laptop for Movies, Light Gaming, CAD.

    Hey Guys, Back here after a long time. Nothing is more trusty then the wise guys in tdf when it comes to tech. :) So i need a laptop, and the main purpose of buying is that i am moving out of my home for a new job. It has to do all that i do on my desktop. Since this would be the only...
  2. R

    Moto E vs S duos 2 vs Lumia 525

    In terms of pure specs which is more powerful ? Moto E vs S duos 2 vs Lumia 525 can someone explain it to me in detail PS : i am not a techie...just an interested layman in tech :P
  3. B

    Its all a Number game (Rant on Tech specs)

    Im Frustrated, and the new Launches are taking it higher. The Companies are just playing numbers. They offer MORE megapixels, Core, Nodes, GB/MB, Memory, GHZ, and so on. In Numbers that is. I am perplexed how the Tech today has gone from bad to worse. Tech and Machinery was invented to make...
  4. A

    Wanna GET the best..?

    Case of a middle-class person: if is dreaming of a particular gadget. if he is looking to buy a best tool available in a category right there then getting to that would be a mission. once he got that, things will be quite fair and life in slow motion. the time will come when he will stabbed when...
  5. Skyh3ck

    Pranav Mistry the Genius of the next world

    See this how our life will change with this tech YrtANPtnhyg
  6. Krow


    I read this great article on The Verge today. The author has spoken to several Microsoft/Apple/Google fanboys and tried to understand what drives them to abuse other brands and people who don't like their brands. An excerpt: The full article is here: Fanboys | The Verge It's a brilliant...
  7. Desmond

    The Dark Mod...a standalone Thief clone based on the ID Tech 4 engine.

    For fans of Thief and newcomers alike. You can now experience the classic gameplay of the original two installments of Thief on the Id Tech 4 engine with this standalone mod. It is not an exact port of Thief but rather a mod for Doom 3 which uses Steampunk like elements to create a Thief like...
  8. G

    Help needed regarding preparation for Croma Tech Grandmasters 3 and TCS ITWiz.

    Hello, I recently won a IT Quiz at KES College, Mumbai. So, Now I want to participate in Croma Tech Grandmasters 3 and TCS ITwiz Mumbai Prelims. I have solved last 3 years TCS ITWiz papers till now. How should I prepare further for both the events? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. harshilsharma63

    Other tech forums

    Hi everyone. I'm curremtlly onlu on TDF, but I also want to be on other tech forums too. What other forums do you use or know of? Apart from Erodov and Tom's hardware.
  10. nikufellow

    Need suggestions on What to do after B. Tech

    Am From kerala and hopefully will be completing my UG in electrical and electronics by mid 2014 i need some suggestions on what to do next. People here usually tend to go for either M. Tech or MBA and if those are my best bets I've already done enough research and will be opting for M. Tech but...
  11. lakeport

    I keep getting lots of text messages from random numbers all day..

    Telling me how their college is the best and has 200% guaranteed placements and why i should take admission in it. :rolleyes: Yesterday a girl called from some Naraina group of institutions. Asking me if i was interested in doing a B. Tech from their college. I said-"Well don't know about the...
  12. C

    B.Tech from ip univesity

    I will probably get maharaja surajmal institute of technology CSE in ip university,delhi.i have a poor jee rank so not getting any nit's. I have also got admission in mukesh patel school of technology management,narsee munjee university mumbai in MBA Tech IT programme .which will be the best...
  13. B

    Tech Blogger needs help

    guys i need some help i am owner of a tech blog that gets 100-200 visits per day but now i am facing a problem of what to post as i am not able to review gadgets plz help me as to what i can post
  14. shreymittal

    Nokia Launches Aluminum body Lumia 925 in London, € 469, Available June

    Nokia has launched the new Lumia 925 in London at a press conference today. While all Lumia phones till date have been plastic the new Lumia 925 has a completely Aluminum Frame. While most of the specs remain same and the phone has the same dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1GB RAM...
  15. T

    tech podcasts

    how many of you listen to tech podcasts ? are there any indian podcasts?? i think ndtv and the likes can start one... radio has nothing much to offer in our country... especially in non-metro cities
  16. gdebojyoti

    Can non IT or CSE students apply at top tech companies?

    Can non IT/ CSE students apply at top tech companies? Can a student from Electronics and Communications Engineering department apply for a job at one of the top tech companies (like Microsoft, Google and Facebook)? Or is the entry restricted to students from CSE and IT departments only...
  17. shaurya.malik88

    LG 2013 line up models vs Sony 2013 line up models.

    Both the brands are all set to launch their new flagship models in 2013 and the new part being that Sony is also going to use the passive 3D tech in their 2013 line up models. So Does that means that lg's monopoly of using the passive tech is going to be over and would this affect their market...
  18. F

    Yo Dogs!

    Sup Lads and Laddies. Its obvious that I am new here. I have heard about TDF almost everywhere magazine, games(clan), steam, etc.. Anyways I am here for games and tech info and games and knowledge and games and art and games. I am learning PaintDotNet. Excellent software for photo editing...
  19. C


    New here and wanted to give shout out to all my bhai-logh or digizens as I read someplace. Point me out to if anyone wants to. I am pretty green horned when it comes to tech so would be great to learn. Hoping for good times. S
  20. rider

    Reviewing Tech Gadgets

    Hello, I want to know what qualification needs to do reviewing tech gadgets like cnet, engadet, ndtv tech guru, etc. How much money can be earned by this profession?? #bump
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