1. V

    Tech leaders in LTE technology

    There is this interesting article on that talks about a little known fact about LTE technology. It appears that LG owns the most LTE patents followed by Qualcomm. You can read the full article here: Identifying The Tech Leaders In LTE Wireless Patents - Forbes Also came...
  2. johnjjx

    SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler - Factory Sealed

    Model number and details: SVG Tech HOC 40 Liquid cooler Date of purchase: (27-07-2012) Reason for sale: Already got Noctua. Don't need a water cooler Warranty details: 5yrs warranty Expected Price: SOLD Location of Seller: Bengaluru
  3. warfreak

    Fortnite to be the first UE4 game to be released in 2013

    Source A bold step by Epic to showcase their next gen tech with such a game.
  4. A

    Seminar Topics (B. Tech)

    Looking for seminar topics for B. Tech Final Year (7th semester) Computer Science And Engineering. Shortlisted till now. 1. Computer Forensics (I'm doing a certificate course for the same, that's why i thought of this) 2. Cloud Computing 3. Big Data Can you give me any ideas about...
  5. TheLetterD

    In 12th right now, need help planning ahead

    Hello Im in 12th right now and I am EXTREMELY confused. PLEASE help me! I messed up my 11th. Like REALLY REALLY Messed up(I got 56% in my Finals and havent prepared ANY CHAPTER AT ALL for competition exams). Now I am in 12th and I have started studying hard after struggling through the first 2...
  6. RiGOD

    20 inch LED monitor, which one is the best?

    So when it comes to Gaming, HD content playback etc which of the following is the best? Samsung B2030 (LCD) - 6200 Samsung S20A300N - 6675 LG E2060T - 6500 BenQ GL2030 - 6200 Dell IN2030M - 6100 So looking at the tech specs and from personal experience which do you think is the best...
  7. ritvij

    Any B Tech CS guys here??

    is there anyone who is currently pursuing b tech in cs stream from any college???
  8. S

    Not able to add the Facebook Fanpage to my blog

    Well hi this is kinda like my first post(if you ignore the introduction thread)! Hi I want to add the Facebook Like Button on my Blog(The one that says - Like this Facebook Fan Page Dedicated to this Blog) The Facebook generated the HTML/Java code to add just after the body tag...but that did...
  9. vickybat

    PlayStation 4 is "Essentially a PC" in Terms of Tech

    So the ps4 will be sporting hardware similar to pc's. This time it will do away from broadband cpu's like cell and rely on a conventional x86 cpu. Amd is confirmed to be working on the gpu tech and most probably, it will be based on GCN. Without an os abstraction as with consoles, expect this...
  10. N

    IS a trusted website??

    Hi all, I want to know about Tech Zone India:- We Lead The Brands-Tech Zone India . Is it a genuine website?? Tech Zone -Tech Zone India I don't know know where to post this ,so i asked my question in this section.Can someone please tell me?? Any other good online website for purchasing...
  11. TheLetterD

    Tech Journalism

    Hey So Im in +1 right now, in Non med (PCM) And I want to know 1. What degrees do I need to get in tech. journalism 2. What courses should I join 3. A Job plan 10 years down the lane (incl. expected salary, designation etc.) IF THATS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK PLEASE help me! And I would...
  12. ritvij

    What to do after 12th?

    i am currently studying in 12th (ISC in UP) with PCM and computer as the subjects. i want to develop a career in the it industry. shall i go for BCA or B Tech? My chemistry is damn weak. I had a thing for game development but there are virtually no good game programming schools in india. DSK...
  13. M

    Suggest a .com domain name for technology blog.

    I want to register a .com domain name which have word like tech, gadgets etc. please suggest the domain names which are available.
  14. socrates

    Are Indian product launches really about the product?

    Are Indian product launches really about the product? A thought provoking article. In our country the marketing guys are always more important than the tech guys as in most companies you are told that they are the 'guys who get the biz which pays YOUR salary' so they ARE IMP :D It makes no...
  15. Skyh3ck

    AMD Piledriver Discussion Thread

    Bulldozer has released and got mixed review or people can say that it didn't meet the expectation set by the hype it created. Now the next stop is Piledriver from AMD camp. I am not a Extreme Tech guy I just try to learn thing from net and forums... Its my passion and hobby. So whatever I...
  16. R

    Idea about tech website name.

    I want a name for my website which would be themed on tech contents, and it should end with ly so I could register a domain with .ly
  17. A

    Windows mobile apps

    Friends,i came across some pretty great apps for windows mobile.Check them out atTop Windows Mobile Apps « Techxpot-Tracing technology | Gadgets | Blogging | Internet | Tech news I think it's worth sharing it everywhere.Enjoyed it.
  18. gmg9

    Kolkata Android MeetUp (todo..)

    hi friends. its been really a exciting journey..we have been using android and other smart phone/tablet os.. specially android. within very short time the phones becomes our computer type devices.. so r u interested to joinds hands n share ur experiences and show us wht cool thing u hav done...
  19. M

    Is there a really simple way to keep my laptop running smooth?

    I seem to get a lot of problems surfing the web, my drive gets really slow sometimes and other times it just crashes. I'm not a tech person so if anyone knows a really simple and easy way to keep me away from the problems I would be very thanking you.
  20. NitrousNavneet

    Making This Type Of Images

    How to make this Images ? Found In Bit Tech Forum
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