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  • Does Abit IP 35-E support E8400 Processor.In the ABIT site CPU support list E8400 is under test.
    Hi, I have a frontech dual channel Yamaha engine sound card. I have had it for 3 years. But it is in excellent condition. Would sell it for Rs.1000. Lemme know if you are interested.
    Hi, I have a frontech dual channel yamaha engine sound card. I have had it for 3 years. But it is in excellent condition. Would sell it for Rs.1000. Lemme know if you are interested.
    Yes, I am buying it... waiting for NEFT to open on monday. As it doesn't work on holidays.
    I will do the transfer tomorrow for sure.
    Yeah, its very much possible to get it replaced from the service station. Try and get in touch with the nearest Seagate Center, otherwise I still suspect a power supply problem rather than a hard disk problem. You could try it out on your friend's computer. You should try and contact Seagate via email and ask them for a make-shift hard disk while yours gets replaced. Very much possible. Here in Delhi, we can get the hard disks replaced if you approach the right person, but mostly those are Seagate certified repaired hard disks, those are refurbrished from factory and work just as good as new ones. I still say, try it out on your friend's computer to see how it works. Anyway, hope it works out.
    Hey, yes I know you can see my last activity, nothing like I'm not interested. I had a busy day, but was checking out the updates meanwhile, was going to reply in the night. Anyway, if your hard disk is under warranty you can get it replaced from Seagate. But I don't think I'll be exchanging my 250 GB Seagate for the sata drive, specially since its faulty and I'm looking something more in terms of 320 GB+, while the RAM offer is still good as ever! Thanks for providing me with the screenshot! If you want to get your hard disk replaced, you should contact Seagate and tell them to give you a replacement and not repair it. When you got it replaced, did they give you a refurbrished/Seagate factory repaired hard disk or a new one? The refurbrished ones are as good as new. The ticking sound is pretty dangerous, you might want to get your power supply to the computer checked. My friend was having the same problem with his hard disk too, but it works fine on my computer. Anyway, let me know about the RAM. Sorry for the late reply!
    Sure, no problem. Where do you live? Is your hard disk still under warranty? I'm not too sure about overclocking, you can compare both the RAM's and check out online reviews for their overclocking performances. I'll hold the RAM for you till the deal is done, when would you like to purchase it?
    Hi, Plsssssssssssssss HELP. I have a laptop, without internet connection. Ivisit net parlours once in a while to get some photos and themes for mobile. Last time when I plugged in my pen drive in a net cafe this happened......Whenever I created a folder automatically a nother folder with the same name used to be created inside that folder with the subtitle of microsoft windows corporation. And the same thing happened on my laptop when I plugged it in. Yesterday the following thingshappened.
    1). I cannot access my c : drive. Whenever i try an hourglass appears and nothing happens.
    2). When i try CTRL+ALT+DEL it says 'taskmanager has been disabled by the administraor.
    3). Since night my comp doesnt start at all. It shows up till welcome screen and hangs.
    I dont know much about it pls help me out.
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