1. P

    speed of bittorrent is slow

    hi i have a small problem in bittorrent software when downloading any movies or music its downloading speed is become 5-7 kb/s and if i download it by other it taking 25-30 kb/s help me i have a 10mb/s speed of internet in win2000 server
  2. D

    cidaemon: annoying process of helpfull process?

    "cidaemon.exe" annoying process or helpful proces I need a urgent help for this process is taking all my system resources and my cpu bar starts shooting at 100% range. One was a bit annoying, but there are two such process that starts and takes on the processor regardless of what important...
  3. aditya.shevade

    Is RHCE worth taking?

    Hi There is going to be an RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) course in my college. I was thinking maybe I would join it.... What I need to know is, is it worth taking? I mean, does it help? Please give me your opinions. Will love to hear from someone who has experienced it. Aditya
  4. prateek_san

    Bajaj Pulsar 200 problems

    *www.mouthshut.com/review/Bajaj_Pulsar_200-124393-1.html bajaj is going to far by compromising on quality ..... this 3rd or more incident taking place...........
  5. V

    ISDN - Is it a worthy option ?

    One of my friends who is living in a rural area plans to take the BSNL ISDN connection since broadband/cable internet option is not available in that region and also since it's a remote area, the Broadband availability is still a distant dream for atleast 5 years. So is ISDN a viable option now...
  6. S

    Unistalling Problem....... !!!!???

    I installed EA Sports FIFA game on my system. But for some anonymous reasons, it refuses to run. :( So, I tried uninstalling it. But the uninstall.exe in the game folder does not work. To make matters worse, the game is not listed in the 'Add/Remove Softwares' list in the 'Control Panel'...
  7. gau_pppu

    taking lot of time to write dvd

    my sony dvd writer (DRU-810A) is taking about 1 hr to write a full dvd ie around 4.2 gb, i genarally write dvd at 12x, where as my drive is 16x. previously it took just 15to20 min max, the writing is absolutely ok, it can be easily read in any computer, but the fact is that it is taking lot of...
  8. Third Eye

    Apple TV Hacked

  9. esumitkumar

    How to turn off camera sound in W700i ?

    Can anybody ans how to turn off that loud cliccccckkk..sound when taking a pic from W700i danks Sumit
  10. S

    HDD space missing

    Hi ppl.just got a 250GB SATA HDD from Seagate.When i booted through Win XP,it could find only 127GB of space in single partition.How do i get the remeaining space??is there any other way except taking it to anotehr PC and formatting it? i tried Partition Manager,but of no use..
  11. M

    Brainbench.com doubt

    friends any one used brainbench.com? i simply wanna know that will i get valued certificates for just taking out free tests? help plz
  12. S

    Tech 2 [ibn cnn]

    Just watched the showTech 2 yesterday. They showed off a toshiba notebook which could be used like a graphics tablet (only the screen of course) anyone knows the name of the same? Also I suppose there must be similar notebooks from other companies too. Anyone got an idea? Actually I was...
  13. vavinashraju

    which internet connection should i go for

    i stay at hyderabad and i have planned to take an unlimited internet connection which is the best for me .........i need your help which should i opt for ......... i have a budget of 900 and i need an unlimited one i totally confused i m new to internet ...what are the points which i should...
  14. D

    System tray loading takes more time??

    Hello Everyone, I have win xp sp2, 512Mb ram, 80GB HD...The problem is after booting up the loading of system tray (right side bottom corner icons) is taking approx 2 mins...I have disabled all item in msconfig...startup. Thanks in advance.,.,
  15. D

    taking time to shutdown

    its taking more then 20 sec to shut down im using an amd 3200+pc
  16. hard_rock

    Opera taking too much memory!!

    Hi Guyz, I use Opera 9.01 browser. Now-a-days I donno why it has became too non responsive. When I type a URL in address bar sometimes it takes too much time to accept what I have typed and connect to that page... I'm on Broadband Connection. No problems about Connectivity speed... Opera is...
  17. D

    Sata hdd booting slowing

    Hi, I have installed a 40 gb sata hdd in a via p4m800 pm8m-v main board but after loading xp with sp 2 booting process is taking to long the can anybody help ?????????????
  18. G

    Please help me as quick as possible

    Hello friends, I reinstall my XP pro and then upgrade it to sp2, then my PC is taking much time for booting. Means the time between appearing the logo of windowsXP and the appearing of main screen is as long as taking breakfast, but after then everything will fine. I reinstall my XP again but...
  19. T

    reliance usb data card????

    hi i have bought a hpdv5200tx i am getting a reliance usb data card that will connect to the internet can u please tell me how good it is and is it worth taking for 3300 rs it has three months free subscription with unlimited surfing how does it work? please guide me
  20. sourav

    Pen Drive Not Recognisable

    I got a free gift Gigabyte 128 MB pendrive with Digit for 1 year renewal issue in November. Now it has stopped working in my computer. In windows it starts, then shutdowns (It happens like you inserting the pendrive and taking out the pendrive continuosly unless I really take out the pendrive...
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